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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lobster Roll with Sriracha Butter

Lobster Roll with Sriracha Butter 1

A while back, Albertson's had a sale on lobster tails for $3.99 apiece. Granted, they were pretty small, but I couldn't pass up that price and purchased three of them. I froze the lobster until I could come up with a good recipe. Not that lobster needs a good recipe. I like lobster plain, grilled or boiled, and dipped in butter sauce or even, mayonnaise.

Which then got me thinking. If I'm perfectly happy with plain lobster and butter, then I might as well keep it simple and make a lobster roll. I'm always tempted to order one when I see it on the menu, but at upwards of $12, I haven't been able to justify spending that much for a sandwich. Even though my version cost the same, I got two lobster rolls for that price. And because lil' sis doesn't like lobster (I know!), she only had one bite and the rest was all for me.

The recipe is really simple. Baked lobster tails lightly sprinkled with salt, tossed in Sriracha butter, served on toasted hot dog buns. So if you love lobster and Sriracha, this recipe showcases both ingredients wonderfully.

Lobster Roll with Sriracha Butter 2

Lobster Roll with Sriracha Butter

For two lobster rolls, you'll need:
2 to 3 lobster tails
Dash of salt
2 tblsp butter
1 tblsp or more Huy Fong Foods, Inc. Sriracha
2 hot dog buns

Optional: Chives as a garnish

Grill the lobster tails however you wish. For ease, I broke the shells and pulled the lobster tail meat out. Sprinkle lightly with salt and broil in the toaster oven for about 10 minutes.

Lobster Roll with Sriracha Butter 3

While the lobster tails are baking, make the Sriracha butter. In a small pan on medium-low heat, melt about 2 tblsps butter and 1 tblsp or more Sriracha. When the lobster is cooked, put the hot dog buns into the toaster oven.

Then, hand-shred the lobster into roughly 1-inch-sized pieces. Toss the lobster in the Sriracha butter until evenly coated.

Lobster Roll with Sriracha Butter 4

Serve on top of the toasted hot dog buns.

Lobster Roll with Sriracha Butter 5

Snip some chives on top to garnish if you wish.

Lobster Roll with Sriracha Butter 6


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  1. dw doesn't like lobster either. I KNOW!

  2. Oh, I can almost taste that buttery bite now.

  3. Lan,
    That's crazy talk! Lil' sis says it's a "texture" thing. She prefers crab.

    It was so good!

  4. The birthplace of a cold lobster salad roll is in Long Island, NY but the standard somehow has become Maine. On the East Coast the star of the roll is the sweet lobster meat.

    A proper New England lobster salad roll is built on its simplicity with minimum additions and meat served cold or at room temperature; Lobster meat boiled or steamed (Costco sells lobster tails and pre-cooked flash frozen Nova Scotia lobster claws and knuckles in 2 lb. trays), chopped tail, claw and knuckle meat into bite size pieces (a few claws left whole for presentation topping) very lightly dressed with (East Coast) Hellmann's and (West Coast) Best Foods mayonnaise (same mayonnaise by same company marketed under two different names) just enough to bind together and not overpower lobster meat taste, stuffed into a New England top split hot dog bun (on West Coast you can get New England top split hot dog buns made by King’s Hawaiian in your local grocery stores) that is buttered and toasted both sides on a grill or griddle. That’s it and that is what people rave about on the East Coast plus also the size from skimpy with fillers about 4 oz. to regular about 6 oz. to jumbo 8 oz. of lobster meat. If properly dressed with mayo there is no need for a lettuce leaf to protect the bun from getting soggy.

    A second lobster roll was given birth in Connecticut called a hot lobster roll or CT. lobster roll; lobster is pre-cooked and stopped short of fully being cooked, it is chopped into bite sized pieces and then quickly sautéed in clarified butter to finish cooking (if you over cook lobster it gets tough and rubbery) and heated through piled high into New England top split hot dog bun that has been buttered and toasted on both sides (grill or griddle). That’s it just sweet lobster meat butter sauté on a buttered toasted hot dog bun; sweet and simple but oh so buttery goodness!

    Maine crabmeat rolls use the same mayonnaise with some thinly chopped celery served on the same hot dog bun with a leaf of lettuce to protect the bun from the crabmeat salad.


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