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Friday, September 09, 2011

One Pomegranate. Singular.

9.9 One Pomegranate. Singular. 1

Two years ago, I had about half a dozen pomegranates on my tree. Last year, they were only about an inch or two in size. :( So I was really excited this year to see about three that were almost 3 inches in diameter.

Only, when I cut it open, that's what I saw above. The seeds never even formed! Have you ever seen the like before?

Still, I was hopeful since there was one decent-sized pomegranate left on the tree.

9.9 One Pomegranate. Singular. 2

And it had seeds! So exciting! Umm, yes, this is what passes for excitement around these parts. As you can see, the other two pomegranates never formed seeds either. Since my parents were coming into town, I decided to close it back up and save it for them.

9.9 One Pomegranate. Singular. 3

And thus, this year's crop of pomegranates yielded just one.

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  1. It is one more than what I have...

  2. my parents have a wonderful pomegranate tree that always is full of huge pomegranates that are filled with juicy seeds. I told them they should enter it into the home's description when they sell it as it is a treasure in of itself! :)

  3. If I had a garden, this is one of the things I would love to grow! It seems odd though that the yield of your tree fluctuates so much.

  4. Tammy,
    You could plant a pomegranate in your garden!

    Whisk and Barrel,
    You know, gardens are a big selling point for me! I saw my dream house with the most fabulous garden. Too bad it was already sold.

    The tree is planted on the side of my house so its space is a little limited and also it was drastically pruned back after my house was robbed so that it wouldn't conceal any future intruders. My uncle's trees, which aren't held back by anything, are huge and flourish like crazy.

  5. The fruit and the flowers of pomegranate are beautiful, but I hate to eat it because it seems too much work. And geez! talking about the stain. You can never get the color of its juice out of any clothing if you happened to "spill" it. Anyway, it's a pretty tree to have, and I was told that there are "soft seeds" and "hard seeds" pomegranates. Don't know which is which, though, as I don't have any in my garden! But it's so funny to see the fruit you cut and the seeds are not formed yet :)

  6. Co Toan,
    I think this kind is what you would consider "soft seeds" then. The lighter color means less staining too!

  7. WC,

    My aunt and uncle who are great with fruit trees told me once, they put would bury leftover fishbones under the tree to give the tree more "calcium". You may want to try this and see if it works.

  8. Tigger mum,
    I bury fish fins and shrimp shells under my plants when my dad's cousin's husband said that's what he does to get his garden looking so nice. After all, isn't that what we were taught the Native Americans taught the pilgrims? :)


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