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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Salju Dessert - Alhambra

After the Indonesian grocery store Tip Top Mart - San Gabriel, Gourmet Pigs and I went to see "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." At the movie theater, the people in front of us were speaking Indonesian. And of course, I was hanging out with an Indonesian. So then I mentioned that I saw an Indonesian shaved ice place under renovation and we could check it out after the movie to see if it had opened yet.

Salju Dessert - Alhambra 1

Sure enough, it was.

And what we found was even better than shaved ice. Sure there was regular shaved ice, but Salju Dessert also had shaved snow.

And not just regular shaved snow, flavored shaved snow. Matcha green tea, mango, taro, strawberry, and chocolate ice that gets shaved.

Plus three toppings.

Plus condensed milk.

I've been telling all my shaved ice buddies and the excitement was palpable. Hey, I'm not kidding. Flavored shaved snow is the best thing to happen to shaved ice since, well, since shaved snow. :P

How did I know it was Indonesian? When I saw that the old PinGo Yogurt location, which had been empty for about a year, finally start renovations for a shaved ice place a few months ago I mentioned it to Tony of SinoSoul. He told me the that the word salju was Indonesian for snow.

Salju Dessert only opened less than a week ago. They were so excited when Gourmet Pigs spoke to them in Indonesian.

We decided to go with matcha green tea snow. You can see that the ice is already flavored.

Salju Dessert - Alhambra 2

A huge mound of shaved matcha green tea ice with grass jelly, red beans, mangoes, and condensed milk, $5.50.

Salju Dessert - Alhambra 3

Look at the finely shaved snow. The consistency is much finer than regular shaved ice. Really like snow.

Salju Dessert - Alhambra 4

OK, dig in!

Salju Dessert - Alhambra 5

The next day, I had dinner with WeezerMonkey, again at Luscious Dumplings Inc. - San Gabriel, and I talked her into having dessert so that we could order mango and taro shaved ice. For the pictures! For the blog! And she was all for it. I love having blog friends who could totally understand.

Mango shaved ice.

Salju Dessert - Alhambra 6

There's also the usual frozen yogurt array of toppings so you're not confined to just Asian fruit shaved ice flavors.

Salju Dessert - Alhambra 7

It's actually a pretty cute place. They kept the same pebbled floor from PinGo Yogurt. Free Wi-Fi too. They want you to visit! And to linger!

Salju Dessert - Alhambra 8

Mango shaved ice with blueberries, kiwi, and strawberries with condensed milk, $5.50.

Salju Dessert - Alhambra 9

Salju Dessert - Alhambra 10

Taro shaved ice with mangoes, grass jelly, and jackfruit, with condensed milk, $5.50.

Salju Dessert - Alhambra 11

Purple shaved ice! That's really why I wanted to get taro. I actually liked the mango and matcha green tea shaved ice flavors best.

Salju Dessert - Alhambra 12

After I got home, I saw that my childhood friend had messaged me to ask if I wanted to go to Salju Dessert. I had told her about it after my first visit. Doh! I should have checked my phone while I was there, but I was having such fun catching up with WeezerMonkey, I didn't even think of it.

I told childhood friend that if she came over right away and ordered strawberry shaved ice, I'd sit with her and she gets to be on the blog. So she drove out from L.A. just to accommodate me. Don't I have the best friends?

Strawberry shaved ice with grass jelly, red bean, and boba with condensed milk. The boba is mixed in with the grass jelly so you can't see as well, but it was soooo incredibly soft.

Salju Dessert - Alhambra 13

My friend was afraid she couldn't eat the whole thing by herself. I had a few bites, but she wolfed it all down. It was that good.

Salju Dessert - Alhambra 14

What are you waiting for? Go!

Flavored shaved ice!

I'd tell you to tell them I sent ya, except they don't know who I am. I'm just the weird girl who came in three times in two days. :P

They also have cards. Buy 10 shaved snows and get $2.75. So don't forget to get a stamp! Summer's not over yet!

August 9, 2015 update:

After yet another visit to Luscious Dumplings, I stopped by with my friend E(L) for some shaved snow. We ordered strawberry, mango, and Vietnamese iced coffee shaved snows. Salju Dessert also has Thai iced tea-flavored shaved snow too.

Salju Dessert - Alhambra 15

Other shaved ice places:
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Kang Kang Food Court - Alhambra
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Salju Dessert
35 W. Valley Blvd., #B
Alhambra, CA 91801
Sunday to Thursday noon to 11 p.m.
Friday and Saturday noon to midnight

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  1. Whaat, you blogged a place within 2 days of going? What is the world coming to? :P
    Haha, amazing that you've tried 4 flavors already. See, after a few more days you can have a "I ran the gamut" post

  2. but. but! what did you think of HP7partii??

    i am not a shaved ice fan, so i would think shaved snow wouldn't be the right dessert for me. but the lingering & socializing with good friends? i'm down with that!

  3. So dedicated! They should have a framed photo of you on the wall! :)

  4. I wish there was a place like this in NC. I would so be going there. I guess I will just have to be content with Italian ice for now.

  5. They look so yummy. I will visit it on the next trip to LA. Too bad there isn't a place like this in the bay area (yet).

  6. GP,
    I know. Pretty soon, I might even get to posts the day it happened. Or not. Ha!

    I was a little disappointed actually. Maybe it's the past decade of anticipation. I wanted a bigger return for all that waiting. It was fine, just not spectacular.

    Thanks for going so I could blog it!

    Conversely, I've never had an Italian ice!

    Definitely add this to the list next time you're down. I always find the Bay Area a little behind LA with food trends.


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