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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Desert Rose and Blueberries

7.28 Desert Rose and Blueberries 1

After noticing that the desert rose that I brought back as a cutting from Vietnam was wilting in the sunny spot on my porch, I moved it to a shadier area. Months and months later, the leaves are glossy again and the flowers are all abloom.

7.28 Desert Rose and Blueberries 2

7.28 Desert Rose and Blueberries 3

My roses have all dried in their pots and I plan to move them to my porch. It's just far too sunny in the backyard for them. I hope they'll revive. That's my Autumn Sunset Climbing rose in the back and a blueberry plant my friend E(L) purchased for me as a thank you gift for a cooking lesson.

7.28 Desert Rose and Blueberries 4

Snowbird rose in the back. And another attempt at growing tomatoes.

7.28 Desert Rose and Blueberries 5

Other garden updates.

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