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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cousin A's Bridal Shower

Cousin A's Bridal Shower 1

Here is my homemade tiered cupcake stand in action at cousin A's bridal shower. Turned out pretty nice huh?

Cousin A's Bridal Shower 2

And the medium-sized cake stand on top of the large-sized cake stand made a good tiered stand as well. Since they weren't glued together, they can be separated for later use.

Cousin A's Bridal Shower 3

I also lent my cousin all my other tiered trays too.

Cousin A's Bridal Shower 4

The food.

Cousin A's Bridal Shower 5

Her future mother-in-law made this great punch that's simply a 2-liter of Sprite or 7-Up, a bottle of cranberry juice, and big spoonfuls of orange sherbet ice cream.

Cousin A's Bridal Shower 6

Hmm. I wonder if anyone bought her the cake stands that were on her registry? :P

Cousin A's Bridal Shower 7

After a whole lot of eating, it was time for some bridal shower games. Cousin A had to eat a piece of gum every time her answers didn't match up with her fiance's. She went through the whole pack, but insisted that several of his answers were wrong, or that he made up something on the spot and didn't actually have an opinion. Uh huh.

Cousin A's Bridal Shower 8

I had to skip out in the middle of bridal shower bingo because I had a flight to catch.

Cousin A's Bridal Shower 9

Scored a last-minute JetBlue round-trip flight to Portland for $41.40, tax included. For real!

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  1. hi wc - looks like a fabulous party - great food too! and of course, your desserts looked so lovely on the tiered cake stands! i remember that type of punch growing up - 7up with some sor of sherbet ice cream. no cranberry juice though. i think my mom used pineapple or something.

  2. my my the cupcakes looks soo yummy :)

  3. Whoa that is a crazy deal you got on your flight to #pdx! How last minute did you wait? Love your beautiful cupcake tiers!

  4. The dessert bar looks adorable :)

  5. Those cupcakes look absolutely delicious! Great idea on the tiered stands!

  6. CC,
    Haha. The punch is very reminiscent of the 70s or 80s to me.

    I know! Such a deal!

    They do look great, don't they?

    I know! JetBlue Cheeps every Tuesday morning!

    It was pretty nice.

    Fairy Water,
    Thanks. I aim to make more for another cousin's bridal shower later this year.


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