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Friday, November 12, 2010

Phoenix Dessert - Alhambra

Phoenix Dessert - Alhambra 1

A few months after my dad's friend's daughter's last visit, our dinner at Viva Madrid - Claremont, she moved to SoCal. We stopped in for a quick dessert at Phoenix Dessert in Alhambra. Unlike the other Phoenix Food Boutiques in Alhambra and San Gabriel, this location obviously only has dessert. But if you specifically want Chinese puddings, pastries, or jellies, Phoenix Dessert has a better selection than the Phoenix Food Boutique restaurants.

Mmm. Chinese puddings. Mango, durian, taro, red bean, black sesame.

It's a pretty small location with just a few small tables indoors and outdoors, and a bar.

Phoenix Dessert - Alhambra 2

It's right next door to Phoenix Inn Chinese Cuisine, and in fact, the window opens between both locations. Dessert orders at the restaurant are fulfilled by Phoenix Dessert, with the waiter ringing the bell whenever a dessert order is ready.

Phoenix Dessert - Alhambra 3

The selection of jellies.

Phoenix Dessert - Alhambra 4

And pastries.

Phoenix Dessert - Alhambra 5

That day, we both opted for steamed milk with fresh mango and tapioca pearls.

Phoenix Dessert - Alhambra 6

Buy the steamed milk from the refrigerator, and the waiters will add the mango and tapioca at your request.

Phoenix Dessert - Alhambra 7

I started coming to the dessert location more than three years ago when my childhood friend wanted warm red bean pudding.

Phoenix Dessert - Alhambra 8

Chrysanthemum jelly with wolfberries.

Phoenix Dessert - Alhambra 9

Black rice and taro pudding.

Phoenix Dessert - Alhambra 10

Durian pudding? Or mango pudding? They both look the same to me.

Phoenix Dessert - Alhambra 11

Taro pudding with taro chunks.

Phoenix Dessert - Alhambra 12

Black sesame pudding.

Phoenix Dessert - Alhambra 13

Or hot black sesame pudding if you wish.

Phoenix Dessert - Alhambra 14

Or black sesame with almond jelly.

Phoenix Dessert - Alhambra 15

A variety of green tea, rose, and other puddings.

Phoenix Dessert - Alhambra 16

Mango cheesecake.

Phoenix Dessert - Alhambra 17

And pecan tarts.

Phoenix Dessert - Alhambra 18

Desserts range from $2.95 to $3.95, a great price to try a variety of Chinese puddings and pastries. Every single one of the items pictured are my favorites and all are tasty.

If I want to linger and chat, I go to Phoenix Food Boutique, but for just dessert, I go to Phoenix Dessert.

Phoenix Dessert
220 E. Valley Blvd.
Alhambra, CA 91804
11 a.m. to 1 a.m.

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