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Monday, December 14, 2009

"Rock and Rose" and "Violets are Blue"

Want a sneak peak at my cousin's fall 2010 collection?

Rock and Rose Dress 1

The description according to my cousin:

"The "Rock and Rose" dress: The top of the sweetheart bodice is made using a matte teardrop Nylon Sequins embroidered on Polyester Tulle and wraps around to the back. The rest of the bodice is made from two-tone Polyester Taffeta with Plastic Boning Inserts. I sculpted a "rose petal" from the Polyester Taffeta and pleated it asymmetrically around one side, wrapping around the rosettes that I individually hand-twisted from Polyester Chiffon. Polyester lining. Exposed gold zipper in back."

Rock and Rose Dress 2

The second dress, "Violets are Blue": Bodice is made from two-tone Polyester Taffeta that is draped with an overlay of sheer Nylon Mesh. I hand-braided the fabric to create a unique draped design at the bodice. Mini cap sleeves are made out of the same Nylon Mesh with a Poly Blend Tape used to hem the collar and armhole. The tulip skirt is made of Polyester Taffeta with a sculpted arch on each side, filled with my hand-twisted rosettes made from Nylon Mesh. Belt detail is made from black matte square Nylon Sequins on Polyester Tulle backing. Polyester lining. Exposed gold zipper in back."

Violets are Blue Dress 1

Violets are Blue Dress 2

If you like the designs and would like to help him get to New York's Fashion Week, please vote for him on Gen Art Discover.

Deadline is December 15!

Thanks so much, from me and him, for your support!

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  1. I LOVE that first dress! Gorgeous!

  2. Your cousin is so talented! Those dresses are fab, especially the first one. I love those rosettes. The braiding detail on the 2nd dress is also amazing. He has my vote!

  3. Pam,
    I think so!

    Tea Time,
    I love the roses.

    Thanks! We all think so!


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