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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Homemade Turkey Gravy

Homemade Gravy 1

I thought everyone knew how to make gravy? Just add milk and flour to meat drippings and whisk.

Lil' sis had three Thanksgiving dinners and during one of them, she text messaged me to ask how to make gravy.

Add milk and flour.

I guess she figured it out because she didn't ask me more questions.

Anyway, this recipe will be horribly imprecise because it depends on how much drippings you end up with, how salty the drippings are, and how far you want to stretch out the gravy. Taste and add milk, flour, or salt and it's hard to go wrong.

Homemade Gravy 2

Homemade Turkey Gravy

You'll need:
Meat drippings from turkey, steak, whatever
About 2 to 4 cups milk, depending on how much you're making
About 1/4 cup flour per 1 cup of milk
1/2 tsp salt per 1 cup of milk

Of course, you start off with a lovely turkey. In this case, my basic Salt Rub and Butter Turkey.

Homemade Gravy 3

After removing the turkey from the pan, there'll be a whole lot of turkey juices and bits of skin. Scrap this all into a pot. Spoon off and throw away the excess layer of oily fat on top of the drippings.

Homemade Gravy 4

Add 1/4 cup flour per 1 cup milk for however much gravy you'd like. Whisk to make sure the flour doesn't have lumps.

Homemade Gravy 5

Pour the flour/milk mixture into the pot with the turkey drippings. Turn the heat to medium-low and let simmer for about 15 minutes or the gravy is thickened enough to your liking. Taste, add salt, milk, or more flour if needed.

Homemade Gravy 6

Serve with Mashed Potatoes or anything else you wish to pour the gravy on.

Homemade Gravy 7

Homemade Gravy 8


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