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Monday, May 11, 2009

Pink Night-Blooming Cereus

5.11 Pink Night-Blooming Cereus 1

During Christmas 2004, my mom brought down some plant cuttings for me. Several types of begonias and a cactus.

But I don't like cactus. Doesn't my mom know me at all? :( Too prickly. Mom promised it'd be a really pretty flower.

So I potted it. Year after year, it grew bigger but still no flowers. Until I noticed two small buds at the end of March.

And then on the night of April 23, I noticed this bloom. Oh! It's a night-blooming cereus. And what a beauty!

Afraid it would be like my youngest uncle's Dutchman Pipe Cactus, which wilted by morning, I brought the flower inside to take more photos.

5.11 Pink Night-Blooming Cereus 2

5.11 Pink Night-Blooming Cereus 3

The next morning, it hadn't wilted yet. So I took more pictures during daylight.

5.11 Pink Night-Blooming Cereus 4

5.11 Pink Night-Blooming Cereus 5

5.11 Pink Night-Blooming Cereus 6

5.11 Pink Night-Blooming Cereus 7

5.11 Pink Night-Blooming Cereus 8

The blooms lasted for almost two weeks. Amazing!

Then on May 7, the other bud bloomed. It was a striped peach color. Huh! Out of one plant? Even more amazing! But my mom said she stuck several cuttings into the pot, not sure which leaf would take, so it was more likely I have two types of flowers.

5.11 Pink Night-Blooming Cereus 9

5.11 Pink Night-Blooming Cereus 10

5.11 Pink Night-Blooming Cereus 11

5.11 Pink Night-Blooming Cereus 12


Youngest aunt then asked for cuttings too, but I told her to be patient because I didn't get blooms until half a decade had passed.

My oldest uncle has a fuchsia cereus and these blooms look a lot like dragon fruit flowers.

Other garden updates.

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2 years ago today, May flowers - Double Delight roses, Lady Fairbanks roses climbing a trellis, cupflowers, leeks, strawberries, cereus, and a blue vase of sweet peas and roses.


  1. Oh my goodness. How gorgeous! I am so jealous - those are definitely well worth the wait. Are you going to have to wait another 5 years for more flowers?

  2. I'm so jealous! I want cuttings! LOL!

  3. (Gasp!) I've only read about night-blooming cereus. Seriously gorgeous (he he). Even more beautiful than I'd imagined.

  4. wow! That flower is incredible. I want one for my room!

  5. Vuthy,
    This year's blooms were even more plentiful so I will have to post them soon.

    If I knew you, I'd give you some!

    We have several varieties in my family.

    Next time I see you, remind me and I'll give you a cutting.

    1. I would love to buy a cutting or two from you. My email is macboi2004@yahoo.com. i have a white varitey and would love to add more varieties.

  6. WOW!!! these are absolutely beautiful. I have become obsessed with these cacti. My brother gave me one 3' cutting 4 years ago of an Acanthocereus-night bloomer and it has taken over one corner of my house- so far this season it's bloomed 38 flowers and has 136 more buds starting- yes it's gigantic. I also have a pencil cactus that has multiplied from one 12" cutting to a cluster of about 30 and it has started to bud this year, can't wait to see what these will look like. My point being, I think this is the prettiest flower I've seen yet & I would love to add this to my garden. I would be happy to pay for any cuttings you're willing to part with. Have you been able to figure out what variety this is yet? Also, the fuscia cereus of your uncle, it is so different. My email is: email4sharon@gmail.com. Thank you Sharon

  7. Adam,
    Let me figure out how to do that and I'll contact you.

    Thanks! Whoa! I've never had as many flowers or buds as that! I haven't figured out what I have yet. I'm just enjoying them when they bloom for now. Let me figure out how to sell them and I'll contact you if you still want cuttings.

  8. Do you know which breed you have pictured here? We have a night - blooming cereus which produces white blossoms. I'd love to get my mom some clippings of the breed you have pictured above. Any information would be fantastic.


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