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Friday, May 08, 2009

Double Delight Rose

5.8 Double Delight Rose 1

Is it any wonder that Double Delight is one of my favorite roses?

5.8 Double Delight Rose 2

5.8 Double Delight Rose 3

5.8 Double Delight Rose 4

5.8 Double Delight Rose 5

I actually have two Double Delight rose bushes. The more red one above, and this more white one below.

5.8 Double Delight Rose 6

Other garden updates.

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  1. Hello from Nova Scotia.You are fortunate enough to be able to buy in the US, the HT rose Caribia. You should google it to see if you share my tastes.Frank

  2. Frank,
    Ooh, Caribia is quite a beauty! Have you seen my Scentimental rose? Similar but with red and white stripes.


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