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Friday, May 22, 2009

One Sunset - West Hollywood (Closed)

One Sunset - West Hollywood 1

The week after the blogger dinner at STK - Los Angeles, we were also invited by Abby of Pleasure Palate courtesy of Emily Olsen, Director of Marketing and Public Relations to another of The One Group's restaurants, One Sunset. Again, also really popular with celebrities. Demi Moore, Hugh Hefner, and Emmy Rossum have all been photographed here. I think part of the popularity must be the decor. Think warm tones and white leather seating with Moorish influences separated into four separate lounges. The other part is because of its prime location on the Sunset strip.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 2

We gathered in the bar area first for cocktails. Dinner and drinks were free, but I'm listing prices for your own edification. LUSHious Raspberry, raspberries, Gloria Ferrer champagne, and Leblon Cachaca rum, $16.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 3

Time to move to the back of the restaurant for the dinner portion of the evening.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 4

Taking advantage of the diet fad, "The Master Cleanse" was an alcoholic version of the self-same drink, Belvedere vodka, fresh lemon juice, and maple syrup, $13. While I understood why the Master Cleanse was popular for dropping fast pounds, I wasn't sure why anyone would want an alcoholic version at a restaurant. Especially as the whole point of drinking lemon juice, maple syrup, and chile powder (which was left out of the alcoholic version) was so that you wouldn't eat anything.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 5

One Sunset has a "One of Almost Everything" tasting menu of selections by chef Jason Ryczek for $45, which was what we were trying this evening. The portions in the pictures were made for our group, but I think in a regular order, you get one of each of the nearly dozen items in the tasting menu.

We started off with an off-menu item of pancakes with bacon foam. Bacon foam! Pretty cool concept and tasted just like breakfast.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 6

Labeled "Adult Candy," these bacon-wrapped, blue cheese-stuffed dates, $9, were alternately sweet, crisp, and gooey.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 7

Spicy tuna tartare on tempura eggplant with kecap manis, $14.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 8

Burrata and strawberries, cinnamon bruschetta, pistachios, pink pepper, and basil, $10. Strawberries were a nice twist on the usual tomato in this salad.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 9

BBQ short rib sliders, crispy shallots, and smoked cheddar, $13.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 10

Onion rings, $6.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 11

Korean chicken satay skewers, barbecued, kimchi, cashews, and kecap manis, $11.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 12

I've forgotten what this drink was.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 13

A slightly different take on salade Nicoise, pistachio-crusted albacore with caper aioli, $12.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 14

Turkey meatballs in marinara sauce with Parmesan cheese and basil, $13.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 15

Roasted clams on the 1/2-shell, chorizo, chowder sauce, crushed oyster crackers, $11. I love clams so after a few ho hum dishes, this was really nice.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 16

Mixologist Pablo Moix, who designed the drinks at STK and One Sunset, came out to greet us.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 17

Dessert was sorbet served on pastry with panna cotta on the side.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 18

And red velvet cupcakes.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 19

And chocolate ice cream with an alcohol that I've forgotten the name of.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 20

And one more drink that I can't remember.

One Sunset - West Hollywood 21

While the dishes and drinks were fine, I think One Sunset tried too hard to capitalize on trends ie. sliders, skewers, foam, red velvet. Contrasted with the meal at STK the week before, One Sunset suffered in comparison. Trying to appeal to too many, leads to appealing to few. One Sunset is now closed.

And sadly, like the experience at STK, some people either didn't tip or left only a few bucks, marring what would otherwise have been a nice dinner.

ONE Sunset
8730 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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  1. That's too bad that both times people left early. So rude to just dine 'n dash.

    I like the concept of a "one of everything" tasting menu...I like variety and small bites.

  2. Wow, you have a fabulous blog!! I love it. So much to read and see on here. I am going to bookmark you because I don't have time to see all of it now. But I will definitely be back. You certainly have every Ethnic cuisine! I love Ethnic foods and make quiet a lot of it. I am very interested in your Vietnamese recipes. I had Vietnamese food once. I am from NYC and many years ago went to a tiny little restaurant down in Chinatown called Saigon which served up the most wonderful Vietnamese food. I don't think it's there anymore so I got to find a new restaurant.

    Loved looking at your pics from Tallinn....that is one place that is definitely on my bucket list.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing all your wonderful recipes and adventures with us.

    Have a great day!

  3. I would go for the clam too, eventhough other food does look wonderful.

  4. CC,
    I know. That's why I generally avoid blogger dinners these days.

    Thanks! I try, but I haven't hit up every ethnic cuisine yet! Tallinn was wonderful. Do go if you can!

    co Toan,
    I prefer Chinese clams, and a big bowl of it!


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