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Thursday, December 18, 2008


I really love bleeding hearts, but my mother forbids me from growing them because they're unlucky. Not that that would stop me, but bleeding hearts grow better in cooler environments. These begonias, I think they're angel wings, almost look like bleeding hearts.

Begonias 1

They're so easy to grow. Propagated from cuttings. They make fabulous house plants. In my old house, with lots of indirect sunlight, they grew and flowered like crazy. I haven't any room at all in my current house for indoor plants, so they've been relegated to my front porch.

Begonias 2

I have three types. With green and red leaves.

Begonias 3

And one that's more spider-like in the way it drapes, but wasn't flowering at the time I took these photos.

Begonias 4

More pictures can be found in Gardening Updates.

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  1. I love begonias too! I grow them on my front porch in the summer, I never thought about trying them over the winter as a houseplant.

  2. Pam,
    Do try. Mine did great indoors as long as they had enough sunlight. And if your ivy does that well indoors, I bet the begonias will too.


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