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Friday, December 19, 2008

African Violets

More flowers on my front porch. Again, African violets used to do really well in my old house with lots of indirect sunlight. Now, I get excited if I see a few blooms.

African Violets 1

African Violets 2

African Violets 3

More pictures can be found in Gardening Updates.

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  1. OOo..so this is called Violet. I always see this in shopping centre but they don't survive once they are brought home. Is this plant seasonal?

  2. My Arfican violets love my dining room window. They bloom almost year round.

  3. Ivy,
    I grow mine year-round. They do best with indirect sunlight if that helps any. And you can propagate them by putting the leaves in water until you see roots.

    I wish I had space inside my house for them. They're not doing so well on the porch. :(


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