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Friday, August 15, 2008

Ham, Tomato, and Sprout Sandwich

Ham, Tomato, and Sprout Sandwich

Lazy posting days means lazy recipes too. :)

Ham, Tomato, and Sprout Sandwich

You'll need:
Alfalfa sprouts
Dijon mustard
Potato bread, or any other bread of your choice



1 year ago today, Pastel de Tres Leches (Nicaraguan Cake of Three Milks).


  1. Your lazy recipe looks good enough for me on a lazy day. Haha..funny cos this afternoon i was holding a pack of alfalfa sprouts and telling my hubby that I feel like having sandwich with it.

  2. ha, I saw those alfalfa sprouts in the deli shop near work the other day and was wondering what they are for. will keep this in my recipes collection.

  3. I love sprouts in sandwiches! Try it with some sunflower seeds for some crunch.

  4. Simple is good. Sandwiches are one of the greatest invention man! That ham one is a classic.

  5. i loveee this lazy recipe, baby! yummmm

  6. PP,
    Ha! What a coincidence! Well, I got a craving for seafood and saw your crab post. But then, I always get hungry when I see your posts! :)

    Yup. You can add alfalfa sprouts to salads too.

    I like making a veggie version with multigrain bread with sunflower seeds. ;) Veggie sprout sandwiches are good with mushrooms and avocado. Mmm.

    Sandwiches are the perfect lazy recipe.

    Ha! Maybe you should be prepared for more. So many posts, so little time.


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