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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Blog My Blog 2


Does anyone know how to fix a corrupt camera card? I'm pretty sure it's the memory card because I switched with my old camera and it still won't download. Upload? I switched cords too and it still doesn't work. I used the cheap 16 MB card that came free with the camera and it downloads on both cameras just fine so that's why I think it's the memory card. I get a "communication error" message. The corrupt memory card is a Kingston 2GB memory card if that means anything. Cameras are Canon SD 1000 and SD 110.

The homecooking I can replicate easily enough but there's photos of a Korean cafe, two Vietnamese restaurants, a Taiwanese noodle house, Hong Kong cafe, Indonesian restaurant, and Thai restaurant that I hadn't gotten around to downloading yet. :( Man, I just realized I eat out too much. If no one knows how to fix it, I might try something ghetto like taking a picture of the viewscreen of one camera with another camera. It'll be blurry but at least you'll get an idea of what I'm talking about because I can't afford to revisit all those places so soon. Or maybe it'll just be another year before I accumulate enough photos again to post about those places.

August 7, 2008 Update: Yay! Thanks for the card reader suggestion Oren Mazor! Canon tech support also said the same thing. Love Canon tech support they're the best. My old SD 110 screen went purple and they fixed it for free and paid for postage too. Anyway, I went to Target and spent $4.99 on a USB card reader and managed to download all my photos. Yay!

Without cheating by clicking on the picture, can you name this city?

Tallinn - Estonia 26

Also, I've edited my previous post about blogging courtesies and added several paragraphs to clarify some confusion that cropped up in comments. The comments have been very interesting and I want to think about them a little more before responding.

For those interested, I've edited my Summer Jubilee post and added links to Alhambra restaurants within walking distance of the event.

Umm, is it a little disturbing to follow my stats and discover that a porn site linked to one of my posts? It was a dim sum restaurant review. Not even a good review. Now, I know we toss around the word "food porn," but really... The link was to a user's page. I know people send links to my posts on Facebook and MySpace, but do porn sites now have message boards? Ack! I'm not even sure what that all means for the blog!

Random thoughts on this random day.

Which means, because I'm feeling lazy, it's time for another round of Blog My Blog!

Rules below in case you missed it the first go-round.

So basically, it works like this:

1) I will ask a question.

2) The first commenter must answer that question and then asks a question for the second commenter. It can be any type of question not just food-related, requiring a short or long answer, fill in the blank, etc.

3) Then second commenter answers that question and poses another question for the third commenter. And so on and so forth. In the event that two people may have answered the previous question and posted their answers at the same time, the next commenter may answer both questions, or choose to answer only one.

4) If you really like this game, feel free to jump back in to answer and ask another question.

Obviously, I won't be responding to every comment on these threads, but hopefully this will provide some nice interactivity between my readers? It'll be fun! I won't close comments to these posts so you can come back and play at any time if you want to continue the thread.

Question for first commenter:
What's your favorite book from childhood and why?

P.S. From the first round, Blazing Hot Wok, I want your hard-boiled egg story!

1 year ago today, starting over again with Jungle Red Hibiscus, galangal, and sugarloaf pineapple. In a yard cleaning frenzy, my aunts accidentally threw away my galangal plant. :(


  1. For once in my life, I could be the first commenter ...

    Oh man, crap re the memory card! What type do you use as I have loads spare from my previous camera that died ... I could post to you?

    Picture - haven't a clue, and haven't clicked, waiting for your revelation :-)

    Answer to blog my blog:-

    My favourite book from childhood is Pippi Longstocking. I totally dig that chick - she's super strong, self-reliant, but a little sad and lonely too. And she has fabulous stockings (tights). What brilliant adventures. Pippi rocks!

    Question for the next commenter:-

    When you look out your window, what do you see?

  2. We live in a pretty small 1-bedroom apartment and only one side is lined with windows - so when we look out any of our windows, we see a nearby private high school's beautiful campus and the new athletic center they just built. It's really not all too interesting of a view, unfortunately! Right now, I'm in my office, which has 0 windows (I work in a law firm - only lawyers have windows here!).

    For the next commenter: What are you eating for lunch today?

    (I know nothing about camera cards, but really hope someone can help you out and recover the pics for you!).

  3. do you have a flash card reader?

    there are tools to recover it very easily. my friend accidentally found the shortcut on his nikon d70s to erase all of his photos right after his convocation. we managed to recover everything :)

  4. strange you ask what i'm having for lunch today. It's actually the reason i found this blog! I have my Vietnamese leftovers, and I was looking up Nuoc Mam sauce! My leftovers are a chicken, shrimp, squid with fishball dish that was served over crispy noodles. Man, I can't wait for lunch, and it's only 10.

    Next question: What was the last concert you went to?

  5. Answer: The last concert I went to was Gnarlz Barkley at the OC fair a couple years ago--I don't go to many concerts.

    Question: When was the last time you were at the beach and which beach was it?

    Question to WC: When you said you switched cords, do you mean the usb cord that goes from your camera to the computer? Or are you trying to upload another way?

  6. i would love it if you could do some of your Vietnamese recipes by video and post it via youtube or something like it thanks!

  7. To WC, am sorry am truly a techie dinosaur so I cannot give youany answer to your camera problem...

    I want to answer the last question because I absolutely love beaches!!! The last time I went to the beach was May this year - that was our summer time. To the Canyon Cove Beach at Nasugbu, Batangas Philippines! We absolutely have one of the best beaches in the world.. white sands, blue waters, live fishes and corals.

    Question: What is your favorite party food?

  8. Answer: Lumpia Shanghai, a Filipino party staple! Crispy, bite-sized...GOOD!

    Question: Name one food you appreciate but just don't get what the hoopla's about?

  9. Oanh,
    It's not about extra cards but the images lost because I can't download them to my computer. :( Thanks for the offer though!

    I don't but thanks for the suggestion. The Kingston support guy said that too. But ummm, it's their card that's corrupt, shouldn't they fix it or replace it instead of telling me to buy another device to read it.

    Yes, I meant USB cords. Wondered if it was my old cord that wasn't reading it. Switched cameras. Switched cards. My 16MB card downloads just fine so by default, it's the 2GB at fault.

    Sorry to be picking on you but this is precisely what I meant by people who are too lazy to type into the searchbar or look around on the blog. I've been doing videos for more than a year. If you typed "videos" into my searchbar you'd find it. If you searched for "wanderingchopsticks" on YouTube, you'd find my page. If you looked at the tag cloud, you'd see a video link. All methods that I think are entirely appropriate to expect someone to do before they start asking me questions in which the answers are already out there in multiple formats.

    That just took time out of my day to answer, when if you had bothered to do any of the three steps above, you would have found my videos, and I wouldn't have had to tell you you should have searched before asking. If I sound annoyed, it's because I just talked about this very issue in my previous post about blogging courtesies. If you didn't read it, didn't bother to read it, then I don't feel any obligation to help someone who doesn't bother with courtesies.

    Back into the game.

    Bone marrow. I liked sucking it out when my mom made soup as a kid, but gourmet delicacy served with special spoon? Eh, I just buy bags of soup bones from the Asian grocery store for a few bucks instead.

    If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be and why?

  10. I would be in Dubai. Something about cutting-edge skyscrapers, new construction, and things being done nowhere else in the world fascinates me.

    Question: Do you believe that your handwriting reveals your personality?

  11. WC, I'm so glad you got your pics downloaded. That would be quite a big loss.

  12. Answer: handwriting absolutely reveals personality!
    (that's why I type...so no one knows I;m crazy!) =)

    Question: what food makes you feel better when you are sick?

    WC: Estonia! my bro-in-law's family is from there. I would love to go sometime.

  13. Answer: spicy ramen

    Question: what food makes you nauseous just thinking about it?

  14. ouch abt the photos!

    Beautiful view-so hard to resist not clicking on it.grr.

    Answer: bamboo shoots (i can't stand the smell..i know alot of ppl like them... but i just cant)

    Question: what is your favourite donut flavour?

  15. answer: i love the custard or what some places call boston cream donut.

    question: what is your favorite fruit?

  16. D'oh! sorry to hear about the photos. I always try to upload mine as soon as I take any new ones.
    Is that city somewhere in mainland Europe?
    answer: used to be mango, currently peach
    question: if you can invite a famous person to dinner, who would that person be?

  17. Answer: Tom Tran. He played the role of Tuan in Good Morning Viet Nam.
    Question: What 2 herbs would you not want to live without?

  18. Answer: Basil and Cilantro. I love basil so much that I even have my own basil plant. I top them on pizza or cook make 3 cup chicken.
    Question: What is your favorite family recipe? (recipes that might have passed down from your granparents)

    P.S. WC, I love your ideal of this Blog my Blog. I read your blog everyday, but just really didn't have the time to comment. Basically I read your blog during my break time at work, so time is limited. Keep up the good work! I really hope you get around with the pics.


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