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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Insalata Caprese Sandwich

Years ago when my brother and I road-tripped across Europe with Norwegian girl cousin, we often grabbed a quick snack between driving to the next country. One day we did a long haul from Sorrento, Italy to Vienna, Austria. So I stopped off at a little shop to grab some sandwiches for the road. Ciabatta bread, ham and cheese, and insalata caprese. Oh man, those simple sandwiches were the best ever. The sun-warmed tomatoes, the soft mozzarella, the scent of basil.

Instead of making my usual insalata caprese salad, I decided to turn it into a sandwich instead. For just a moment, bite by bite, I was reminded of Italy again.

Insalata Caprese Sandwich

Insalata Caprese Sandwich

You'll need:
Ciabatta-ish no-knead bread or French bread or any other bread of your choice
Insalata Caprese

Ha! I sure hope you don't need directions for how to assemble a sandwich. :)


1 year ago today, Tim Tams - chocolate on chocolate on chocolate!


  1. When I was in Sorrento, I ate the most amazing caprese sandwiches for breakfast. I normally don't eat sandwiches for breakfast, but everytime I walked past the deli that assembled these , I couldn't help it but to eat one in the morning.

    Your description reminds me of wonderful Italy too!

  2. What a great idea! I'd been making these capresse salads from my tomatoes and basil, but a sandwich sounds yum. And ham? YUM!

  3. I love how food reminds one of great times - travelling or whatever else. I did a road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide with my sister, when we were both skint, and we ate fresh crusty bread, cheese and tomatoes for most of our meals. Your story and the sandwich puts me in mind of those halcyon days!

  4. WoRC,
    Wouldn't it be so funny if we're talking about the exact same little shop? They were so good that I wished I had stocked up. I should have bought more! Or maybe I should go back to Italy! :P

    I love plain tomato sandwiches too!

    I'm still skint! Buying the fresh mozzarella was an indulgence. Luckily, I did self-check out and someone didn't take their coupons so I got $2 off! :)

  5. Brilliantly simple! Man that looks so good. I'm not big on tomatoes (with an 'e'? Dammit, Dan Quayle!), but I'm starting to come around. Great photo as well.

  6. Jake,
    I know! Darn Dan! I do the same thing when I come across potatoes too!


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