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Friday, January 11, 2008

Taqueria Chihuahua - Los Angeles (Mar Vista)

Since our lunch at Santouka was so disappointing, I told my cousin I noticed Taqueria Chihuahua on our way in. As I recalled, the Los Angeles Times in their Delicious Deals of 2007 said the cabeza tacos were so good they'd make you cry. And their tacos were only $1.29 each. That clinched it. Not that we really expected to cry (And can I just say I hate overused cliches? Especially in journalism? They should know better!), but we did expect good tacos and we didn't know when we'd be back in the area. I was curious about the grand opening sign though. If they're new, how could they garner attention so quickly? Turned out, according to The Great Taco Hunt, they relocated after losing their lease. The relocation resulted in a loss of their deep-fryer so it's an abbreviated menu of tacos, burritos, tortas, and quesadillas. The interior was rather stark with the stainless steel kitchen and bright orange booths. A customer got an order to go, and there was just us. If you look below the menu, on the top right of the posters there's a photo of a lovely looking flan on a plate with caramel syrup. So I ordered one and got...
...this. As first impressions of food went, this did not bode well.
Then our tacos came out. Going clockwise from the top taco was carne asada (Mexican grilled meat), the al pastor (shepherd style usually pork), and the "good enough to make you cry" cabeza (beef cheeks). These were a bit on the small side, even for $1.29, but were packed with meat. So we easily split the meat with the second tortilla and made another taco.
So how good were they? Well, none of us cried after tasting the tacos. But lil' sis's eyes did widen in pleasant surprise. The carne asada was good but not spectacular. The al pastor was merely OK. But the cabeza, now my only experience with cabeza was at Carnitos Michoacan and their cabeza tacos tasted a bit fatty to me. This cabeza taco was so tender and moist. Truly spectacular. The tacos definitely redeemed the lunch. Other Mexican restaurants: Carnitas Michoacan - Los Angeles (Lincoln Heights) Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen - Orange King Taco Restaurants #11 - El Monte (Garvey Ave.) Los Cinco Puntos - Los Angeles Old Town Mexican Cafe and Cantina - San Diego Senor Fish - Alhambra Tacos Baja Ensenada - (East) Los Angeles Taqueria Chihuahua 12034 Venice Blvd. Los Angles, CA 90066 310-313-2350 Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. ***** 1 year ago today, I reminisced about the beginning of my culinary wanderings with fessenjan (Persian walnut pomegranate glazed Cornish game hens) and dill rice, and waxed poetic about the gloaming.

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