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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Durian - The King of Fruits

Sometimes my food cravings come in the strangest ways. After seeing Christine's post on frozen durian, I was immediately reminded of durian ice cream. And wondered why I hadn't eaten it in years. Durian, sometimes referred to as the King of Fruits. Spiky outer layer, butter-like consistency inside. But it's the smell that makes it notorious. Durian is even banned from some public places in Thailand and Singapore. It's a love or hate thing. I don't know of anyone who's indifferent to the smell of durian. How would you describe the smell? Does it smell like rot or perfume to you? The funny thing is, while I can't bear the smell of fresh or frozen durian, I love it in candy, cookies, shakes, and ... ...ice cream. Man! I literally haven't eaten durian ice cream in years. So I bought a quart for $4.29 at the San Gabriel Superstore. Ooh, doesn't that look tempting? And no, you can't smell it unless you're really close. And even then, it's a muted smell. Mmm. If you've wanted to try durian but have been afraid, I'd encourage you to start with ice cream. So if durian is the king of fruits, who, or rather what is queen? Mangosteens! San Gabriel Superstore 1635 San Gabriel Blvd. San Gabriel, CA 91776 626-280-9998 ***** 1 year ago today, juicy, crispy chicken and Belgian waffles at Merritt Bakery and Restaurant - Oakland.


  1. I thoroughly belong in the 'hate' group for durian. Yep, even ice-creamed versions will send me screaming.

    But I second mangosteens as the Queen.


  2. I see Durians and Mangosteens at my local Asian market amd I'm fearful of being kicked out of the house if I bring one.

    In the meantime, I'll try a mangosteen.

  3. I love Durian in any form, ice cream, cup cakes, shakes, smoothies, cakes, candy, crepes, jam, any form!! good for me, thank you.

  4. Lukewarm on the durian. Can't get enough mangosteens .. and doubly can't wait until they're commercially grown in the US.

  5. Aaah, the durian. I don't find the taste too offensive (if I pinch my nose while I eat it), but I'm somewhat unfairly bitter towards them because my first durian experience was my roommate and her boyfriend hacking a frozen one open in our apartment, in front of my open bedroom door....

  6. Oanh,
    Who designated king and queen anyway? But yeah, I do love mangosteens.

    I belong in the no fresh durian in the house category. :)

    Anon 1, 2, and 3,
    Hehe, that's what I mean about love or hate. :P

  7. I need to try durian someday! I am so intrigued! Can't find in any local grocery stores though :(

  8. Hillary,
    Try finding one of the durian products and you'll get a little sense of the smell.

  9. I will look for durian at one of our local Asian markets. I have researched them before online. Forty years ago, during 1967-1968 I was stationed at Pleiku Air Force Base, in the former Republic of Vietnam.
    One day I encountered an interesting musky smell from an area where several of our civilian employees were enjoying their noon meal. I glanced their direction and saw they were gathered round a food item, which would have had to be larger than any durian I've seen, more like a large squash or gourd. For some reason I got the impression it had been baked. My curiosity has never let me forget the incident.

  10. Bird Advocate,
    Thanks for sharing that anecdote. I remember driving through a durian farm while in the mountains with my parents. The stench!


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