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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pinkberry - Rancho Cucamonga

So following our lunch at Kabuki Japanese Restaurant, I asked my friend if she had tried Pinkberry yet. No? Well, off we go then.

I've posted about the Pinkberry hype before and my visit to the Koreatown location, but my friend being so far from Los Angeles hadn't really heard about it. And from reading this post by Burnt Lumpia, I wanted to try the mochi that's on their "hidden menu."

I ordered a $5.95 medium green tea with three toppings of mochi, kiwi, and mango. But oops, the girl behind the counter messed up and put my friend's strawberries and blackberries on mine. So I got my fruit toppings on the side for free. Score!

My friend ordered the $4.95 original with mochi, strawberries, and blackberries, and instead got my mangoes and kiwis. So she got two extra fruit toppings too! We were very pleased.

My friend dug into her frozen yogurt and couldn't believe how good it was. Since she hadn't been paying attention to the hype, the tart, fresh taste was completely new to her. She really liked that the fruit toppings were of a higher quality. But it was the mochi that really did it for her. The mochi retained its soft chewiness even after being mixed with the cold yogurt. She also really liked the whole "hidden menu" aspect.

And as standard with other Pinkberry locations, there's the DWR pendant lamps, lucite chairs, and pebbled floor. But unlike the other locations, no security guard here. I guess it hasn't quite caught on to be mobbed yet.

The cute Alessi kitchenware for sale.

I noticed this shaker of green tea powder.

So we dusted it over our frozen yogurts. Too subtle. But if you order the original, the green tea powder would be a nice option to get the taste without going full out.

Pinkberry is located off Main Street, across the parking lot from P.F. Chang's China Bistro, so it's a little removed from the mall's foot traffic. One oddity that I noticed way out at the Rancho Cucamonga location is that multiple customers asked for free samples. I've never seen that happen in L.A., where I guess people already know what to expect.

Anyway, as I said before, Pinkberry is good, but not something I'd drive out of my way for. But the amount and quality of the toppings certainly justifies the price, if you can justify $5 for frozen yogurt in the first place.

Who else ate at Pinkberry, Rancho Cucamonga?
Marvin of Burnt Lumpia broke the news of this location's opening first.

And for more info on the hype, read my post on the Pinkberry - Los Angeles (Koreatown).

7873 Monticello Ave.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739


  1. wow, so expensive, this place gonna hit the roof in summer $$$, I bet :P

  2. We definitely are foodie sistas! I'll see you next Saturday - can't wait to meet u

  3. MW,
    Yeah, I think once people realize it's there and that it's a "trendy" thing, it'll be just as mobbed as the L.A. locations.

    What are the chances of us posting about the same thing on the same day? I swear I didn't look at your blog until after I had written mine! See you soon!


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