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Friday, June 29, 2007

Revisiting Mission 261- San Gabriel and Pinkberry - Rancho Cucamonga

Besides taking my Norwegian cousin around to experience as many of America's culinary offerings as possible, I also wanted to change her misperceptions about certain foods. She always declared that she didn't like dim sum because she could never fill up on all the little dumplings. *Gasp* I know! Well, I think it's also because dining out is frightfully expensive in Norway so it would cost a lot of kroners to get full on dim sum.

Lately my favorite dim sum restaurant is Mission 261 in San Gabriel, which I wrote about in this post. So go there if you want to read all about the history of the century-old building and all that. Although, I should probably visit a few new places and do a dim sum series like I did with my dumpling series.

This also marks the debut of my new camera, a Canon SD1000. It's nothing fancy, but I needed the bigger screen because I'm just getting too old and my eyesight isn't what it used to be. ;) I think you'll be happy with how very colorful these photos look as compared to my previous visit.

Preserved duck egg and pork congee.

Turnip cake.

Char siu bao.

Abalone mushroom dumplings.

Pear tips and peanut dumplings?

Shrimp and scallop dumplings.

Har gow.

Chicken feet.

Steamed crystal buns.

Shrimp cheong fun.

Dried shrimp cheong fun with scallions.

Lotus leaf sticky rice.

Mango pudding.

Pork spare ribs.

Oh, yeah, I think I definitely changed my cousin's perceptions of dim sum for the better. :P

My brother's friend, who missed his flight out to Vegas, hitched a ride with us. And since we were already going to be on the 15 freeway, we made a quick detour to the Pinkberry in Rancho Cucamonga.

We were only going to share one or two between the four of us, but when they saw how good all the toppings looked, they each wanted their own. And afterward, my brother's friend had to call up the other two guys who were stuck in St. Louis on a layover just so he could rub it in that they missed out on the latest SoCal food craze.

OK, next up will be my mini adventure in the desert.


  1. I wanna gouge my eyes out after this post because I've got a major hankering for dim sum now. Particularly the fried turn cake, lotus wrapped rice and chicken feets. Thanks WC :)

  2. There's a Pinkberry in Rancho now?! They seem to be opening them everywhere except for SGV! Although I heard that the Pasadena one is opening soon.

    Mission 261 is delicious! I also like Sea Harbour, but Mission 261 is in a class of its own...mmm...

    Ooh thanks for letting me know about the flower! I take all these random pictures of flowers and I can't even name them. :)

  3. how did you fit all of them in your stomach???I've had the turnip cake a few times but didn't know it was made from turnip. It tastes pretty similar to cassava cake doesn't it?

  4. You ate all that??? That's amazing! Nice pics. It's so fun to peek over your shoulder at the fabulous dim sum spread.

  5. Those photos look great WC!

  6. Your new camera made me hungry just after I've had dinner. ALways like turnip cake, chicken feet and sticky rice. I would always order them in dim sum.

  7. I just ate breakfast but I really want some dim sum now. :(

  8. Jaded,
    Haha! I think your first comment on my blog was my original post on this place! :P

    There's a couple of knock-offs that opened up in Alhambra and San Gabriel but they're not the same at all!

    I have to try Sea Harbour at some point but the lines are always so long!

    I didn't! There were lots of leftovers. I've tried Mmm-yoso's recipe for turnip cake and it tasted really good. The link is over there ==>.

    No, no. I didn't eat it all. There were 3 other people. And we had leftovers.

    Thanks! I think the lighting in the restaurant also helps.

    My dim sum always includes chicken feet and har gow. :)

    Yeah, I shouldn't look at these photos when I'm trying to figure out what to eat either.

  9. Go to Sea Harbour before 10:30 if you want to make it inside by 11:30. 10:30 is kinda early, but I've driven by the restaurant at 9:30 and there's already lines and the restaurant doesn't even open until 10!

  10. Jeannie,
    I used to go through those kind of waits for NBC on weekends. Doesn't seem worth it to me anymore when I can go to other places and get seated right away.


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