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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wynotts Wands - Salem - Massachusetts

5 Wynotts Wands - Salem - Massachusetts 1

While on our loop around Salem, second-oldest nephew pointed out Wynotts Wands, makers of fine wands since 1692 (not really). After all, if Salem is capitalizing on its notoriety for witchcraft, stands to reason that someone would cash in on wizardry and Harry Potter.

Butter beer anyone? Actually, it's Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer, neither it, nor Wynotts Wands, is affiliated with Harry Potter. Not that anyone really pays attention to that disclaimer.

Because really, when you have a wand shop, it better look like Ollivanders! (And like Ollivanders, there is no apostrophe in Wynotts.) The shop limits the amount of visitors inside at one time, which was actually refreshing to escape the crowds during October in Salem, but meant a brief wait before being allowed to enter.

Not affiliated with Harry Potter, although the Deathly Hallows logos on the wand boxes in the window contradict that.

5 Wynotts Wands - Salem - Massachusetts 2

Floor to ceiling shelves of boxes of wands. Library ladders. Old-fashioned lights. Cages. Broomsticks. Wynotts Wands details are pretty spectacular.

5 Wynotts Wands - Salem - Massachusetts 3

On the left side of the shop were some wands for purchase.

5 Wynotts Wands - Salem - Massachusetts 4

The colorful wands were too colorful. The black and brown wands were too simplistic. And at $20 to $30 apiece, not that cheap! The other side had nicer wands in the $50 range, but that was too rich for me. The wand styles do change. Oldest nephew bought lil' sis a lovely wand with a diamond knob from here that I don't see displayed any more.

5 Wynotts Wands - Salem - Massachusetts 5

Even without purchasing a wand, I still appreciated the details all throughout the store such as the quills.

5 Wynotts Wands - Salem - Massachusetts 6

Mirror and magnifying glass display is just to the right of the quills, right at the entrance.

5 Wynotts Wands - Salem - Massachusetts 7

Also, on the right side of the store, wizardology books and more wands.

5 Wynotts Wands - Salem - Massachusetts 8

And replicas of the wands used in the Harry Potter movies.

5 Wynotts Wands - Salem - Massachusetts 9

The "Goblet of Fire" wands, although Cedric Diggory's is missing.

5 Wynotts Wands - Salem - Massachusetts 10

Toward the front window of the shop, some owls because every wizard needs one.

5 Wynotts Wands - Salem - Massachusetts 11

I liked the boxes of wands stacked on top of every inch of space.

5 Wynotts Wands - Salem - Massachusetts 12

Which wizard? Snape? Lucius Malfoy?

5 Wynotts Wands - Salem - Massachusetts 13

Not quite Ollivanders, but Wynotts Wands is the next best thing, and worth checking out if you're in Salem.

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Wynotts Wands
127 Essex St.
Salem, MA 01970
11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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  1. What an awesone shop! I love the attention to detail! At Whimsic Alley in LA, I bought Snape's wand. This was when they were still making replica wands and not told yet to cease and desist. A former student also gave me Ron Weasley's wand as a gift.

  2. CC,
    You know, I still have yet to make my way to Whimsic Alley! I wonder if Wynotts will be hit with a cease and desist? It has a disclaimer, but so many details allude to Harry Potter. The shop next door is where all the Harry Potter merchandise is sold.


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