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Friday, February 14, 2014

You Are the Sriracha to My Pho

You Are the Sriracha to My Pho

Isn't it awesome?

I was admiring the Hong Kong food-inspired Valentine's Day illustrations from Mochachocolata-Rita when it occurred to me to make a Vietnamese one. Well, except my drawing skills are limited to stick figures, and pretty sad stick figures at that.

So I asked Rita if she could draw an illustration for me that said, "You Are the Sriracha to My Pho." She came back in less than an hour with the above. I looove it!

I'm thinking of having these printed on cards and T-shirts. My idea + her illustration = maybe we'll make enough to buy each other several bowls of Pho Bo (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup)? Or hoping that at least enough people like this it goes viral? :P

I asked if she could add a pair of chopsticks into the picture. And some drizzles of Sriracha in the bowl. And hey, don't I get a tagline for the idea? :P

Happy Valentine's Day dear readers! You all are the Sriracha to my pho. :)

And if you get a chance, do check out Rita's illustrations. My favorite? It's gotta be the, "You are the ginger vinegar to my xiao long bao." :)

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  1. Awww thanks so much for blogging this, dahling!

  2. yes, i would buy a tshirt (or few) to wear. loooove this.

  3. Me too, I'd buy the shirt and happily wear it!!! That's a cute drawing. And I am worse than you, I cannot even draw a stick person :- (

  4. Aww, it's not "Pinnable!" Love the design though.


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