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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Goose Dinner

Christmas Eve Goose Dinner 1

For Christmas eve, my brother bought a roast goose for dinner. Comes from all the years of watching "A Christmas Carol, he said. Made him curious to find out what roast goose tasted like. I don't recall Ebenezer Scrooge bringing a goose to dinner?

He got it from Sham Tseng BBQ Shop - Monterey Park, which replaced Sam Woo. The goose was roughly the same size as a roast duck, and to be honest, tasted mostly like duck too, although a bit deeper in flavor. It was more than double the cost though!

He served it alongside roast potatoes, bok choy, cucumbers, roast pork, and tomatoes.

Christmas Eve Goose Dinner 2

If I hadn't known it was goose, I would've thought it was just a very flavorful duck.

Christmas Eve Goose Dinner 3

She's ready to eat!

Christmas Eve Goose Dinner 4

The niece loves drumsticks. Just like Tiny Tim! Guess there was a roast goose in the story after all.

Christmas Eve Goose Dinner 5

I brought over Persimmon Muffins for dessert.

Christmas Eve Goose Dinner 6

And because that didn't look festive enough, made Persimmon Mini Bundt Cakes too.

Christmas Eve Goose Dinner 7

On the way home, I stopped off to visit St. Albans Road in San Marino to see the lights.

Christmas Eve Goose Dinner 8

If you look at the bottom of the pictures, you can see how tiny people are in comparison to the trees.

Christmas Eve Goose Dinner 9

It's really hard to get a scale of how the whole street looks unless you're actually there, but definitely worth a visit if you're in the area.

Christmas Eve Goose Dinner 10

Merry Christmas!

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  1. And Merry Christmas to you, too, WC! Thanks for scoop on the goose. And about Sam Woo. I remember years ago when my co-worker was all excited about the Sam Woo that opened close to the office. It didn't last long, however.

    Those are pretty impressive lights!

  2. Merry Christmas to you too Ms Wandering!
    Those mini bundt cakes look love and the Christmas lights are intense!!
    Happy 2013!

  3. I miss seeing the lights on St. Albans, used to take my kids to see them when we lived in Rosemead.

  4. Nikki,
    Happy New Year! It's the only place I know to get roast goose in case anyone wants it. Sam Woo's been pretty miss for me on the barbecue side. I get my roast pork and roast duck from Capital Seafood's to-go shop. But for salty fish fried rice and beef chow fun and wonton noodle soup for cheap, it's still my go-to.

    Happy New Year to you! Although, it still weirds me out to think that Christmas is summer for you!

    I took my niece and she enjoyed seeing the lights a lot.


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