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Monday, May 02, 2011

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant - Tustin

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant - Tustin 1

In early February, I was invited by Lauren Campbell of Beach House | Penthouse PR to dine at RA Sushi Bar Restaurant - Tustin to taste their new menu items. When I said I couldn't make it down to Orange County in time for the blogger dinner, she let me schedule it at a more convenient date and time.

Perfect. Because then I was able to invite my friend DP since she works nearby. Except, she was working at home that day and had to drive down for our dinner. Doh! I got to RA Sushi first and noticed that the bar and restaurant areas were packed. Good thing I had a reservation. While waiting for her to arrive, I ordered a Ginger Blossom drink, Hendrick's Gin, St. Germain, muddle strawberry, pink grapefruit juice, lime juice, and a splash of ginger ale. Girly, fruity, and yummy.

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant - Tustin 2

The edamame arrived shortly before my friend did.

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant - Tustin 3

She ordered a Dragon Bite, Baccardi Dragonberry, strawberry puree, fresh lemon juice, Japanese yuzu, and a splash of soda. This was pretty good too, but we both liked my Ginger Blossom better. The restaurant's tasting menu said we could each have two drinks, but we were good with just the ones we had. In hindsight, I wished I had ordered the sake flights of sweet, dry, and sparkling sakes. They sound pretty intriguing now. Too bad I wasn't in the mood to drink much that night.

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant - Tustin 4

Everything was tasting menu portions so what you'll get if you dine at the restaurant will be double the size or a whole roll and not just a slice, but this still gives you a sense of what items are available.

We started with shishito peppers sauteed in an Asian seasoning. I love shishito peppers and have only had it lightly salted and grilled at other Japanese restaurants. The oh-so-unhelpful "Asian seasoning" didn't really give me much clue and when I asked the manager was told it was the chef's secret recipe. Darn it! But, I've been experimenting and I think my recipe is a pretty good facsimile. :)

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant - Tustin 5

Otoko salad, grilled chicken or beef tossed in a spicy yuzu dressing with grilled red and green bell peppers, onions and asparagus, served over a bed of mixed greens in a rice wine vinaigrette, and topped with watercress and fried ramen noodles. The salad was huge and this was only the tasting menu portion! I saw regular sizes coming out at another table and it was gigantic. So pretty much if you order this, it can be your whole meal. I was almost full after eating just this, but it was sooo good, I couldn't stop. Because leftover salad just isn't as good, you know? Was it the yuzu? I liked the savory citrusy dressing a lot.

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant - Tustin 6

Our second course was a sampling of four of the restaurants new sushi rolls.

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant - Tustin 7

Vegetable Tempura Roll, lightly battered asparagus, sweet potato and Japanese eggplant rolled and topped with colorful crunchy tempura bits, drizzled with a sweet eel sauce. The dressing and toppings were what made this roll. Because of the eel sauce, it was very reminiscent of the unagi roll, but vegetarian.

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant - Tustin 8

Pacific Roll, a spicy mix of albacore, cilantro, jalapeno, and cucumber rolled and topped with fresh avocado and mango salsa, finished with red beet tempura bits and sauteed cashew nuts. This one was OK. Too much of the toppings overshadowed the albacore.

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant - Tustin 9

"RA"ckin' Roll, kana kami crab and cream cheese rolled in rice and seaweed, lightly tempura battered and topped with guacamole and "RA"ckin' Shrimp, finished with a creamy ginger teriyaki dipping sauce, red beet tempurat bits and togarashi. A whole lot going on in this roll. I didn't mind though since the dressing, crunchy, creamy bits all worked together.

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant - Tustin 10

Tropical Roll, cucumber, mango, and avocado rolled and topped with spinach tempura bits, spicy shrimp mixed with masago and mango salsa.

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant - Tustin 11

The mango salsa. I have to say the last one didn't really work for me. The sushi and salsa were both unremarkable.

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant - Tustin 12

There was a traditional sushi bar in the restaurant so if the fusion rolls aren't your thing, you can definitely go that way, but we were pretty stuffed at this point already. On the other hand, if you don't enjoy nigiri sushi and only eat rolls, then these fusion rolls are a good way to enjoy sushi without the risk.

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant - Tustin 13

Third course was Lobster with Garlic Sugar Snap Peas, lobster sauteed with garlic, sugar snap peas, and shiitake mushrooms in an Asian seasoning. That darn Asian seasoning again! It was good, but was way too generously used in this dish. Good thing we had rice. We were both so stuffed at this point that we took leftovers home instead to make room for dessert.

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant - Tustin 14

I got a mango mochi.

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant - Tustin 15

While my friend go the strawberry mochi.

RA Sushi Bar Restaurant - Tustin 16

Overall, I think the new menu items are a good contrast to traditional sushi offerings. I could have easily just eaten that salad as a meal and the fusion rolls are great for non-adventurous sushi eaters. The bar and restaurant had a steady flow of customers on this weeknight so it was definitely already pretty popular.

I had a nice time at the restaurant, enjoying a good meal and catching up with my friend DP. We dined here on the eve of the Year of the Cat, so ushering in the new year with a good friend and good food would mean good friends and good food all year long, right?

Even though this meal was complimentary, we did leave a $20 tip. Or rather, my friend DP insisted she leave the tip.

Thanks again to Lauren Campbell of Beach House | Penthouse PR for inviting me. And thanks to RA Sushi manager Kim Stitham for taking care of us.

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RA Sushi Bar Restaurant
2401 Park Ave.
Tustin, CA 92782

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  1. Very pretty stuff, WC. I usually like nigiri sushi or a chirashi bowl because I just like raw seafood. The rolls looked beautiful, though. How nice that the sponsors gave you an alternate date to test RA.

  2. Y4D,
    It was pretty good.

    I prefer nigiri sushi too. Funny story. My cousins once invited me out for sushi, and it turned out they didn't eat anything raw, so mainly California rolls and a few other rolls for them. I was thinking the RA menu was geared towards people like my cousins.

  3. I went to Sushi RA in Scottsdale, the first time I have ever seen an all latino sushi chef lineup! I'm more of a traditional sushi eater, so the only things that look good to me are the shishito peppers and the mochi!

  4. Mango and Strawberry mochi!? YUM! I tried Green Tea mochi from the Asian grocery store (had mochi only once before this I think) and it wasn't my cup of tea surprisingly. I like the Taro and love the Red Bean one more.

    The sushi makes me want to go out and have some now!

  5. Kitty,
    I like green tea mochi. I think sometimes it depends on which brand you try?

  6. DP,
    You're always my favorite tipper. :)


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