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Friday, July 30, 2010

Ask Wandering Chopsticks 11

What does the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Sumi represent?

Olympic Sumi from EatingClub Vancouver

That I recently met the lovely JS and TS of Eating Club Vancouver!

Thanks ladies for the cute souvenir, but the best gift was meeting you two! It's funny to meet blog friends in person. I know most of their likes and dislikes when it comes to food, but I didn't know simple details like what they do for a living. I love it when people turn out just as awesome in real life as they are on their blogs.

We started out at Pho Thang Long Restaurant - Westminster (Little Saigon) because TS wanted to try Pho Ap Chao Bo (Vietnamese Pan-Fried Rice Noodles Sauteed with Beef) and Cha Ca Thang Long (Vietnamese Hanoi-Style Turmeric Fish with Dill).

I had such fun showing them around Little Saigon, including the cultural court with Confucius and his disciples, the murals depicting Vietnamese history, and the Westminster Vietnam War Memorial.

There were stops in between at C&C Express (C&C Food Co.) - Westminster (Little Saigon) for freshly-pressed sugarcane juice, Vietnamese puddings at Thach Che Hien Khanh - Garden Grove (Little Saigon), French pastries at Boulangerie Pierre & Patisserie - Garden Grove (Little Saigon), before second lunch at Quan Vy Da Restaurant - Westminster (Little Saigon). I'll update those posts later with some of the new dishes we ordered.

Also, quick question?

I hit up the Salvation Army thrift store again during their store-wide 50% off sale and bought the lovely Venetian metal tray below for 45 cents! Bought 14 white milk glass tea cups/punch cups (two were broken) for $2.29. Eight of the tall tea cups(?) (three were broken), 12 saucers, and the big plastic tub they came in were $1.74. What a score! Anyone know what the tall cups are used for? I have a really pretty tea pot they'd go with, but they don't strike me as tea cups really? For some reason, I keep thinking aperitif glasses?

Salvation Army Thrifted Finds 9

OK, that's it! Sorry I've been so behind on blogging the past few months. Busy summer!

Anyway, got a recipe question? Restaurant question? Just want to say, "Hi?" Did you miss Ask Wandering Chopsticks 1? Or click on the "Ask Wandering Chopsticks" tag below for previous editions. Otherwise, what's on your mind? You have until 11:59 p.m. Sunday, August 1.

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  1. Great scores! Those tall cups remind of Irish coffee cups? or some other alcoholic sweet after dinner drink served warm.

  2. H,
    They do huh? I should have said the cups are really narrow, only about two inches wide in diameter at the most. That's why I thought aperitif glasses.

  3. I still hold that what I learned about Vietnamese people is that they came from eggs! ;D

    It was great meeting you as well! Now you are also not so "mysterious". Teehee.

  4. TS,
    Technically, everyone came from "eggs." :P Only the Vietnamese came from the eggs of a fairy and a dragon, however. :)

  5. My question is... how do you do your grocery shopping? Do you already know what you're going to make for the week and so do one big weekly purchase? Or do you stop by the market daily and adjust that day's cooking based on what you see that's fresh and/or on sale? I find myself often buying fresh veggies because they are on sale without knowing what to do with them and most of the time they end up spoiling. Just wondering if you have any good habits or advice. Thanks!

  6. It was great meeting you, WC -- and you're also as awesome as you are in person as in your blog! My question? I think I already asked you my question -- I'm looking forward to the response. :D

  7. My question is where would you like to travel to?

    Oh and I tried that morrocan restaurant by the 55 freeway like you suggested and it was really delicious. :) You should try it some time.

  8. Vuthy,
    There's no real plan. I seem to be motivated by my cravings. :P

    About once every other month, I stock up on Asian groceries at the San Gabriel Superstore. This is to replenish things like fish sauce, sesame oil, canned vegetables, coconut milk, etc. The alternate months, I stock up on American items at Fresh and Easy or Trader Joe's such as olive oil, flour, etc., depending on if I have a F&E coupon. While I do shorter runs to those places to pick up items here and there, the stock up trip is usually several hours as I make a list of things I need to replenish and go up every single aisle and decide whether to try something new.

    So once my basics are in the pantry, in between for fresh fruit and vegetables, I either go to the Alhambra farmers' market, Super-A, or Asia Supermarket.

    If meat is on sale, I buy it and keep it in the freezer for later. I also always have frozen fish and venison from my parents.

    So I start with a meat and decide on how to cook it based upon what vegetables I have available. It also depends on my energy level. If the vegetables don't get used for anything and I'm feeling particularly lazy, I just eat them plain as salad or soup.

    I don't know if that's helpful or not. A lot of the meals that don't get blogged are super simple. Quickly sauteed meat and veggies, eaten with rice. Simple soups.

    I spend about $100 to $150 per month on groceries. Could probably be less if I planned and budgeted more, but I'm not real good about that.

    Awww! Thanks! OK, must get around to answering your question. Gah! I take forever to do anything.

    I've hit up most of the places I wanted to see in Europe, but still haven't done Prague, Iceland, and the Orkneys in Scotland. I'm always up for a trip to Scotland. I looove Edinburgh and the western highlands.

    I'd be up for almost anywhere in Asia if I had the money and the right travel partner.

    I hope to explore Machu Picchu someday.

    Egypt and Morocco for Africa for the history and food and shopping.

    I'm rarely in OC these days, but perhaps I will someday check out that Moroccan place. Ha! I told you to try it without having eaten there myself. Glad it worked out.

  9. Those tall cups are probably for coffee; coffee cups are usually cylindrical (like a can) and tea cups usually have tapered sides. So I think the cups on the bottom right in your photo are tea cups.

    In a way, it doesn't matter because they're pretty, you like them, and you got them for a good price! Enjoy!

  10. Despite a bit of a fear of heights, I agree Machu Picchu is definitely one of those places to see before you die. I hope you get there someday! I'm still crossing my fingers and waiting for the opportunity myself.

    I agree with abitwonky. I think the tall glasses are for espresso; I've some similar ones at home. I haul mine out for tea time, too, if I've too many friends and not enough tea cups. Do enjoy.

  11. A Bit Wonky,
    I thought about coffee cups, but these are really tall and narrow, about 5 inches high and 2 inches wide. But I do have a nice teapot they can go with, and a nice coffee pot too so either way, I win!

    I'm horrible with elevations! Yosemite was difficult even though I only got as far as Vernal Falls. Or maybe because the friend I went with was 6'3" so every step of his was three of mine!

    Last summer, I went to Mesa Verde and that was one of the places I had always wanted to explore. But the elevation and heat almost did me in. My heart was pounding furiously during a hike along and up the canyon.

    You're the third person who said espresso, so I searched a bit on eBay and lo and behold, found really tall espresso cups. So I can use them for coffee then.