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Friday, April 24, 2009

Wandering Chopsticks Header Courtesy of MidnightMare

Wandering Chopsticks Header Designed by MidnightMare

Did ya'll notice my awesome new header? I don't even remember asking my cousin for it, but I'm glad I did!

He said he couldn't sleep one night and started surfing online before landing on my ramen pictures of Aji Man Japanese Restaurant.

"I used the Aji Man restaurant sign as my base, added a pinch of Tokidoki, and tossed in little Nemo. Stop... Don't eat the fish... It looks sooo cute... Awww.

OK, fine... it's a load of... Sometimes I just design for the heck of it. Maybe I was craving for some noodles at 3 a.m. Guess hunger was my inspiration."

It's a load of awesomeness is what it is! Thanks cousin P! You're the best! I totally love it and the fish is awfully cute. If you haven't checked it out yet, the online store is now open so you can see my cousin's other designs at MidnightMare.

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  1. I like the header! It feels fun, if you know what I mean. And it's always nice to change things up a bit.

  2. I love your new header and the eye lashes on the your cute girlie fish really topped the cake. :)

  3. Darlene,
    I think the new header is definitely more playful.

    I do too.

    It's no monkey, but fish are cute too. ;)

    Canine Cologne,
    I like too.

    I love the blushed cheeks. :)

  4. Wow! So detailed and beautiful! It is so cool that your cousin also put the letter C on the chopsticks.

    I like the Goldfish especially. So cute! And it is smiling. Nice!

  5. I noticed the drawing on the chopstick incorrectly. It's a smile! Beautiful.

  6. Cool!!! I like the header. The fish looks kinda ...SEXY!!!

  7. ETE,
    Yup. My cousin is super-talented. The smile goes this way. (:

    Sexy! Haha.

  8. WOW that's a nice sleek new header. I love the cute little fish. I'd have to ask though, why does it say Wandering Chopsticks twice (the little words and the big one)?

  9. SIS,
    I think my cousin thought one was needed for the header and a separate one needed for the quote? I'm not gonna complain. I love my new header.


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