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Monday, April 06, 2009

Bhan Kanom Thai - Los Angeles (Thai Town)

Bhan Kanom Thai - Los Angeles (Thai Town) 1

As Teenage Glutster led Gourmet Pigs and me through Bhan Kanom Thai during the Songkran (Thai New Year) Festival - Los Angeles (Thai Town), I did what I always do and started taking photos.

Packaged cookies and pastries.

Bhan Kanom Thai - Los Angeles (Thai Town) 2

Bhan Kanom Thai - Los Angeles (Thai Town) 3

Thai mangoes and sticky rice.

Bhan Kanom Thai - Los Angeles (Thai Town) 4

I bought one for $5. The mango was so perfectly sweet. The sticky rice so perfectly steamed. Sooo good. Only available from April through July when sweet mangoes are in season.

Bhan Kanom Thai - Los Angeles (Thai Town) 5

Since it was so hot that day, I also decided to get ice cream.

Bhan Kanom Thai - Los Angeles (Thai Town) 6

What else but Thai tea ice cream for $2.50 a scoop? Unfortunately, the Thai tea flavor was much too muted and the ice cream was too icy. :(

Bhan Kanom Thai - Los Angeles (Thai Town) 7

And what is he making batches and batches of?

Bhan Kanom Thai - Los Angeles (Thai Town) 8

Panchi (Thai taro, coconut, and corn fritters)! My favorite flavors all in one! Where have you been all my life?! I bought a half dozen for $2.50 since I was going to my cousin's cousin's house after the Songkran festival. Her kids loved them so much they wolfed them down. She even contemplated heading out to Thai Town to buy some more.

Bhan Kanom Thai - Los Angeles (Thai Town) 9

Umm, which is what I did the next day. I couldn't help it. The panchi, they called to me. And I promptly bought 10 pieces for $4 this time.

Bhan Kanom Thai - Los Angeles (Thai Town) 10

The panchi were amaaazing I told Darlene of Blazing Hot Wok. She said she'd never heard of them before. *Whimper.* So no recipe for me? :(

I also got a sampling of some other Thai desserts while I was at it. One of the Thai "tacos" was sweet and the other savory. Crispy and very light. The green "Tokyo" roll was pandan cream. I asked for one of each instead of a batch so they charged me 50 cents apiece.

Bhan Kanom Thai - Los Angeles (Thai Town) 11

I wanted some kanom krok (Thai coconut pudding) but they don't sell them until after 2 p.m. and I was there in the morning. :(

May 28, 2009 update:

After drinks at Tiki-Ti - Los Angeles, I convinced Kung Food Panda and Gourmet Pigs to swing by Bhan Kanom Thai for some late night desserts. They're open until 2 a.m.! More panchi, of course. And the very last batch of kanom krok, $3 for a dozen.

Bhan Kanom Thai - Los Angeles (Thai Town) 12

I guess because they were made in an aebleskiver pan and had coconut milk, I was expecting them to be like Vung Tau Restaurant's banh khot (Vietnamese savory cupcakes with shrimp). They weren't anything like those at all. Just sweet coconut half moons. I was rather disappointed actually. :(

But the panchi! I would drive all the way to Thai Town again just for the panchi. There's actually tons of other desserts that I have yet to try, many of them somewhat similar to Vietnamese desserts but different too. For a few bucks, you can sample a great many Thai desserts. So glad I discovered this place, especially for those late, late night food cravings.

P.S. the Vietnamese in me goes craaazy over the Thai spelling of bhan. :P

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Bhan Kanom Thai

5271 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
10 a.m. to 2 a.m.

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  1. Hi WC - The Missus loves this place.... albiet a bit too much! I can nver get her to leave.....

  2. i wanna try the thai tacos...they look amazing!

  3. Those panchi were so damn good, and, as you know, that's saying a lot because I don't like taro OR coconut!

  4. hi wc - those fritters look really good as do the thai "tacos". i love taro so i know i'd love those fritters. 10 for $4? what a bargain!

  5. Kirk,
    When I first discovered it, I went again the next day!

    Thai tacos were amazing!

    I aim to try making those panchi some day!

    I know! So I usually buy 10! :)


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