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Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Oldest Uncle's Wife's Nem Nuong (Vietnamese Grilled Pork Patties)

In continuing my theme of good grub my aunties make, the other day I get this little package from my oldest uncle's wife. She makes the best nem nuong (Vietnamese grilled pork patties).

There's two skewers of nem nuong, dipping sauce, fried egg roll wrappers, a packet of herbs, and she even included rice paper. :) Lil' sis and I scarfed these down pretty quick.

There was still some dipping sauce and herbs left over. The next day when lil' sis's friend was over, we were all feeling peckish but not quite hungry. So I defrosted the meat I had made from my earlier batch of nem nuong and we had another meal.

As you can see, lil' sis prefers to cut her egg roll wrappers in half, and then fold them into quarters instead of envelopes. Her friend fried them in the wok. I supplemented the leftover herbs with a bag of mixed baby greens. Lil' sis grilled the nem nuong while I shaped them into patties. Yes, lil' sis insisted I tell you all that she helped cook. Total cooking time from defrosting to table was about 20 minutes.


  1. i like nem nuong but i hate the part where i burp it all day/night afterwards.

    i think most nem taste the same. this one place on mission rd and rosemead blvd is good also, but like to eat banh beo there. i like nice, hot, and fresh. cold ones from our auntie sometimes makes my belly hurt.


  2. t,
    Why are you eating meat cold? Of course it'll make your belly hurt. Silly!

  3. is that sauce in the picture like the "nem nuong ninh hoa" sauce? i've always wondered what was in their sauce...

  4. Anonymous,
    Every Vietnamese does their own variation of the fish sauce dipping sauce. It's just a matter of what proportions of fish sauce, sugar, chili, and garlic each person uses. And some people thicken it with cornstarch. Some add peanuts.


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