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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Lil' Sis Makes Star-Shaped Cupcakes

The other night lil' sis asked why I haven't mentioned her on my blog lately. I said she hadn't done anything in order for me to mention her.

So she promptly decided to bake cupcakes with the help of a few cousins. Star-shaped ones of course, because ordinary ones just won't do.


  1. mmm you know everyone was gobbling up those cupcakes like crazy!!! there was just something so fun about eating a star

  2. Oooh those are well cute!

  3. Lil' sis,
    They were very cute! :)

    Aww, my sister will be happy to hear someone else likes them too.

  4. aw i can't believe i missed out on star shaped cupcakes!!


  5. Haha, your sister is a star once again! Those look cute and yummy!

  6. aww thanks!!! i thought the stars would be better than the hearts =)

  7. Tania,
    Next time.

    My sis will be happy to see your compliment. :)

  8. Awww! Those are so cute! I've never seen star tins before. :)

  9. Amy,
    I'm sure my sister will be happy to see another compliment. :)


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