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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sushi House Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar - Alameda

So here we are at the reason for my little road trip up north - Heavenly Lake Tahoe. It was soooo cold! I had three layers on underneath my outerwear and I was still sooooo cold! Too cold to really take pictures of anything except Lake Tahoe. Too cold for it to snow so all we had to snowboard down was hard-packed ice.
Heavenly - Lake Tahoe - Nevada
And since we got to Heavenly slightly before the lifts even opened, we opted to leave early when the hordes of snowboarders and skiiers crowded the slopes. Not that I was doing much snowboarding. I can barely stay upright as it is, and definitely not on ice. Plus, did I tell you it was too cold! My toes were literally purple when I pulled off my boots. But anyway, we thought we'd hit the casino buffets for lunch. I'm still chuckling at how Harrah's is right at the Nevada state line. But the quickie breakfast stop at McDonald's meant the McGriddles were still sitting in our guts so the buffet wouldn't have been worth our while. We opted for Fatburgers instead because that's so much lighter. Onion rings. Mmm.
Harrah's - Reno - Nevada
So after two fast-food meals in one day, we opted for decidedly less heavy fare for dinner. This is Sushi House in Alameda. A basic large, family-friendly, Americanized Japanese sushi restaurant. It was cavernous and we still had to wait. And though the restaurant says they cater to large parties, our party of 9 had to be split among two booths.
Sushi House Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar - Alameda 1
Definitely not "authentic" if your sushi chefs aren't Japanese.
Sushi House Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar - Alameda 2
But then, we're not going for "authentic" here. The menu lists all the basic teriyaki, sushi, nigiri, udon offerings. But we came for the special rolls. Specifically, for the special rolls' mainly $4-$5 price tag.
Sushi House Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar - Alameda 3
Rock n Roll $4.95. California roll $3.95. California deluxe (with unagi) $4.95.
Sushi House Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar - Alameda 4
Shrimp tempura roll $5.95.
Sushi House Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar - Alameda 5
Hot green tea is free. I forgot what else we scarfed down before I remembered to take photos but the $3.95 spicy tuna was super spicy and quite good. The rolls are quite large. I mean, if you're going to an Americanized Japanese restaurant for their cheap rolls, more is better, right? Sushi House Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar 2375 Shoreline Dr. Alameda, CA 94501 510-865-0999


  1. You jus returned from there ? I'm going there over this weekend (Squaw) to see my toes turn purple!? :( oh-Nooooo!
    It's my 1st time ski-ing, so not only will my toes turn purple, my bums will turn purple(bruised) too....Ahh!
    The Spider ROll I've eaten before in S'pore has soft-shell crab filling...this one is shrimps?

  2. Americanized Japanese food is like Panda Express. It has its place given the right conditions and the proper proportions. =D

  3. Hi Tigerfish,
    Well, last weekend was inordinately cold so I don't think you'll have the same problem.

    Spider rolls usually do have soft-shell crab, I think they're not in season anymore? Or maybe Sushi House just substitutes?

    I always believe in judging a restaurant on its own terms. It's not like I was expecting authentic Japanese-style sushi. :)

  4. Hi Tigerfish,
    Oops, I just realized that's a photo of the shrimp tempura roll, not the spider roll. So I fixed the caption. Thanks for pointing it out.

  5. Wow! Alameda is my hometown. I've been to Sushi House so many times. It used to be in a different location but they had to move into the larger restaraunt that they're in now because they had so much business.

  6. Anon,
    I'm not surprised. Those rolls were a great deal!


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