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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Restaurant Peony (Dim Sum) - Oakland (Chinatown)

Seems like my only social activity when I meet up with a friend is eat. For brunch and for Asians, especially if you're near a Chinatown, that usually means dim sum.

So we headed to Restaurant Peony in the Pacific Renaissance Plaza in Oakland's Chinatown. There was a bit of a wait. Seems like a recurring theme this weekend. The restaurant is huge though, sprawling from one end of the mall to another, so the wait wasn't too long.

Char siu bao - soft, sticky bun, a nice mix of char siu and onions.

Lotus leaf sticky rice was very flavorful.

Siu mai was particularly good with a whole shrimp on top and firm filling.

Can't remember what this dumpling was, shrimp with roe.

Hak gow was firm on the inside, but all of the dumpling wrappers stuck to the paper lining and the dough wasn't that chewy. I ordered two before I realized it though.

Gai lan - my only green, a little on the mushy side. I like my greens crunchy.
Total damage: $31.58 before tip. I just realized, for only 7 items, that works out to $4.50 per item. Yikes! That's twice what I would spend on the same items in the San Gabriel Valley. Well, I also did get chrysanthemum tea (petals only) but really, what happened to cheap dim sum? I can get the same stuff, bigger portions, for $1.98 here. Hmph.

Ah well, it was a chance to catch up with my friend.
On our way out, we heard drumming and saw this...

The show took too long or else I would have grabbed a boba on the way out.
Restaurant Peony
Pacific Renaissance Plaza, Ste. 288
388 9th St.
Oakland, CA 94607
(Man, so Cantonese, all those 8s in the address and phone number.)

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