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Monday, August 20, 2012

Guess Where I'm Wandering 1?

The night before I left, my brother's wife asked if I could blog in real-time because she didn't want to wait four years to read about my adventures.

Guess Where I'm Wandering 1


I'm still working on Portland March 2011 and need to backtrack to blog Portland Christmas 2009 too. There's still several other trips too.

It takes me forever to sort through photos, especially of big events or trips. So, in an effort to organize myself more, and because of repeated requests from friends and family to upload photos so they can see what I'm up to, I thought I'd let you guess where I'm wandering.

I had thought of doing something like this when I was planning my trip, but then figured the logistics of going back and forth would make me as confused as I am now when I'm sorting between old and new. I really enjoyed following Kirk of Mmm-yoso along on his last vacation, and even though I awaited the detailed posts with anticipation, it was still fun to see the guesses anyway.

Let's start this off with a super simple one, yeah? The sculpture above is a dead giveaway if you know, but if you don't, what city and country do you think I'm in?

Do you want me to just choose one photo a day? Because I did quite a lot and took more than 700 photos today already!

Or do you want to guess from one photo of each adventure? Would it spoil the fun if you already know all the places I go in advance? Or will you still read the full posts later anyway?

Oh, heck, is this even fun for you at all? Of course, in between, I have plenty of fillers, there are still half a dozen posts left of 2009, half of 2010, and almost all of 2011 and 2012 to blog too. Sheesh! Seems like I'll never catch up!

Answer to where I went: here.

1 year ago today,
2 years ago today, Pork Ribs with Korean Gochujang and Indonesian Kecap Manis.
3 years ago today, Chao Ga (Vietnamese Chicken Rice Porridge).
4 years ago today, part two of my "How to Start a Food Blog" series -- On Blogging and Food Blogging.
5 years ago today, Che Bap (Vietnamese Corn Pudding with Tapioca Pearls and Coconut Milk).


  1. Neat! I'm going to guess, since I don't know, that the picture is from somewhere... northern... Scandinavian... hmm...

    I dunno. But I'm looking forward to more pictures!

  2. Several "clue" or highlights photos would be fun to see!

    I would totally read all of your detailed posts later.

    I know what you mean about being behind in posts. I have tons more of our Canada and Portland trip.

    As for where you are, I would have to agree with Nichole above. Somewhere in Scandinavia. Norway?

  3. Triple ditto me......gotta be someplace like Norway....or maybe Iceland? Anyway, thanks for the mention....it's cool that you're doing this! Have a great time.

  4. My memory is so bad, if I waited years to get my photos in order, I'd never get anything posted! Plus, I love savoring the images, like cementing them in my memory. So I'm all for live-blogging your mystery destination!

  5. Have no clue of where this picture is taken from :)

  6. Nichole,
    Good instincts, not quite exact enough. Keep 'em coming.

    Dude! I still have stuff from 2007 that warrants a revisit before I can blog them. Wrong country.

    Ding! Ding! Can you be more exact?

    I still have my cousins' weddings from last year and the year before to sort through before I can blog them. Not to mention my cousin's baby's birthdays. Too many pictures makes it so hard to stay on top of things.

    Co Toan,

    I'm just happy you're reading.

  7. You would have been in Reykjavik Iceland. The Solfar, it's a memorial to the first vikings landing on the shores in long boats. I had run into this while reading about the Peace Tower also located there. :)

  8. Christine,
    Yes! I thought this one would be easy, but people had a hard time. I can't remember when I stumbled upon the sculpture, but I've known about it for a while!


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