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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

On Superbowl Parties and Pop Rocks

After my afternoon tea at Tres by Jose Andres (SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills) - Los Angeles, I checked in with lil' sis since she was in town that weekend. She said she was headed over to cousin Q's older brother's place for his Superbowl party. Hey! How come I wasn't invited? :(

There were enough chocolate Pop Rocks left over that I wanted to feed them to my cousin's baby just to see his expression. OMG! Sooo cute!

On Superbowl Parties and Pop Rocks 1

I gave him a tiny piece first so it wouldn't alarm him. He had this bemused look on his face while the Pop Rocks crackled in his mouth. Then, his face lit up with pleasure and he simultaneously asked for more and gave the sign by brushing his hands together.

I asked him to say, "Please." Which he then obliging repeated, except it came out more like "pwease" and gave the sign by tapping his chest.

Such a clever boy!

He called me auntie too!

Here's a shot of the spread, although I didn't get close-ups of the wings, potato wedges, and grilled meat.

On Superbowl Parties and Pop Rocks 2

You know, this was my first Superbowl party. I mean, I don't watch football. Heck, I don't even know how it's played. So gathering around a television watching something I don't understand wasn't ever on my radar.

In scheduling my afternoon tea, I didn't even think about the time conflict until my childhood friend pointed it out. But I had already made the reservation, so we just stayed with it. As it was, we arrived separately so she could go to another Superbowl party afterward.

Who watches the Superbowl? I asked lil' sis. Apparently, she watches it every year. Because she used to watch with our dad. She did? I did not know that. Haha. Whereas she would actually fish when she went with him, I usually had my nose buried in a book. How funny.

Cousin Q's older brother's sister-in-law's pao de queijo (Brazilian cheese bread). The taste was good, but they turned out a little too dense.

On Superbowl Parties and Pop Rocks 3

Lil' sis built up a little wall for Pablo.

On Superbowl Parties and Pop Rocks 4

And before she even completed it, he was already cackling with glee as he knocked the blocks to the ground.

On Superbowl Parties and Pop Rocks 5

Oh! And it was the middle '87 and cousin Q's older brother's sister-in-laws birthdays too. Re-using Pablo's birthday candle. Because we're thrifty like that. :P

On Superbowl Parties and Pop Rocks 6

I still don't like football, but I watched the half-time show. That doesn't count, huh?

Cousin Q's older brother asked if we wanted root beer floats while the game was on. I said it should be saved for the episode of "Glee" that was on after the game. More apropos since both are effervescent and all. Cousin Q dared me to mention that on the blog. And so I did. :P

On Superbowl Parties and Pop Rocks 7

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  1. Hi WC! I LOVE football! This year was especially great because my Green Bay Packers came home with the trophy. Of course I had a party with lots of good ol' Wisconsin favorites like brats, baked beans, cheese and I even made a green-and-gold Jello mold. That's the best part of SuperBowl...lots of good food. Take care!

  2. MaryRuth,
    Long time, no see! That sounds like quite the spread! I'm definitely more about the food than the football. :)

  3. Teehee... I don't think I like watching any kind of sports. Maybe tennis? But this was circa 1990+. It's been a while.

    Although, I did watch most of the Olympic Gold game for Men's Hockey... but then, 99.99999% of Canada watched it too. (So, it's more like: "Even *I* watched that game!")


  4. Where can I get a baby like that? I particularly want that type of cheek ;P So cute. I make pao de queijo a lot, people are always surprised that they're completely gluten free.

  5. TS,
    Haha. I think that was the last time I watched tennis too! I haven't played in years either. Never watched hockey though!

    His cheeks are so pinchable, but he won't even let me close to kiss him. I did not know pao de queijo are gluten-free! Good to know! Especially because the little one is allergic to wheat.


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