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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Hot Stuff Cafe!!! - San Gabriel (Closed)

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 1

I try to visit local restaurants at least twice before I blog about them. To be fair, but also because showing two or three dishes doesn't make a very interesting post. So we're going pretty far back to my early blogging days for this one. Back in September 2007, I checked out Hot Stuff Cafe!!!

Partly spurred by a Los Angeles Times article that mentioned chef and owner Jimmy Wang was a Le Cordon Bleu graduate who once worked at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey. I'm not sure if the owner is Chinese-Burmese? Old reviews of the former incarnation, Romantic Steak House, indicated so, but there was only one Burmese item on the menu, tea leaf salad. The rest of the menu was a blend of Chinese cafe classics and some fusion dishes.

We started off with complimentary buttered bread.

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 2

And creamed corn soup.

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 3

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try the Burmese pickled tea leaf salad with cabbage, tomato, assorted nuts, and garlic jalapeno, $8. It was quite spicy, but I loved the sour, spicy, crunchy contrasts. The fermented tea leaves were addictive! I ate so much that the tea leaves kept me awake until 4 a.m. Who knew?

I've tried this salad at three different restaurants now, and while the presentation of the tea leaf salad was nicer at Burma Superstar - San Francisco, Hot Stuff Cafe!!!'s was way more flavorful. Unfortunately, the pickled tea leaf salad wasn't that popular and on a later visit, I found out it was taken off the menu.

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 4

My dining companion ordered seared duck breast and caramelized barley risotto with blackberry sauce, $14.

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 5

Artful presentation and juicy duck, but quite a small portion. Actually, the menu and portions wouldn't be out of place if we were dining in L.A., but we weren't in L.A., so by San Gabriel Valley Chinese cafe standards, this was quite expensive.

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 6

I ordered the special of the day which was beef pot pie with a small side salad.

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 7

I liked the puff pastry top.

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 8

But the beef stew was so far down from the puff pastry that I had to break off pieces to dip them in. Gravy-soaked crust is the best part.

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 9

The stew was good. Pearl onions. Vegetables. Chunks of beef.

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 10

Anyway, so dinner was fine. Good, but overpriced for the area, and nothing that I couldn't get at any of a bunch of Chinese cafes so nothing compelled me to return.

In October 2009 Hot Stuff Cafe!!! participated in DineLA and the menu looked pretty interesting so WeezerMonkey and her co-worker decided to try it with me. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to pick what we wanted from each of the three courses, but had to order entire set menus. Hey! That wasn't clear on the DineLA website, and while we liked some dishes, we didn't like the way the set courses were arranged. Also, WeezerMonkey and I could've sworn we remembered the lunch price was $16, but it was $22 when we were there. And double-checking the website afterward also confirmed the $22 price. So either we were both mistaken, or the price was adjusted after we initially viewed it. We were pretty sure it was the latter though because the price difference would have influenced us not to go.

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 11

Anyway, so we opted not to get any of the DineLA menus, and to order from the regular lunch menu instead.

The restaurant offered a variety of slushy, fruity drinks. This wasn't mine so I don't remember the flavor.

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 12

Complimentary buttered bread and corn soup.

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 13

But this time, we also had the option of Hong Kong-style Tomato Borscht.

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 14

Romantic Steak House was known for its sizzling plates so we ended up getting three to share. Szechuan shrimp with hot sauce, $12.

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 15

Top sirloin steak served with vegetables and a choice of rice, pasta, or fries, $8.

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 16

Seasonal vegetable pasta with black pepper sauce, $8. It might not be so apparent with this photo, but the noodles just looked sloppy. The three of us just looked at each other.

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 17

The dinner fusion menu seems more inviting, if a bit expensive. The lunch dishes were just OK.

The dessert menu, however, seemed much more appealing. We ordered Everything pineapple, pineapple coconut bread pudding, housemade pineapple ice cream, and pineapple chutney, $6.

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 18

Hot "stuffed" chocolate cake, warm chocolate cake with gooey hazelnut filling, and vanilla ice cream, $7.

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 19

Trio of tea-flavored creme brulee, golden tea, jasmine, and rose, $8.

Hot Stuff Cafe - San Gabriel 20

The tea-flavored creme brulees were my favorite.

Overall, I just felt lukewarm about Hot Stuff Cafe!!! Nothing bad, but nothing that made me crave anything I tried either. Well, except maybe the tea leaf salad, but that's no longer on the menu. And perhaps the tea-flavored creme brulees.

January 31, 2015 Update: Hot Stuff Cafe!!! is now closed.

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Hot Stuff Cafe
315 S. San Gabriel Blvd.
San Gabriel, CA 91776
11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

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  1. I like the idea of making pot pies with that puff pastry top. I have some puff pastry squares in the freezer just waiting to be used!

  2. CC,
    I love puff pastry for so many recipes. It makes simple ingredients look fancier.


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