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Monday, September 10, 2012

Icelandic Kea Skyr Drykkur Mango Astaraldin (Passionfruit)

10 Icelandic Kea Skyr Drykkur Mango Astaraldin (Passionfruit) 1

After only a few scant hours of sleep, I was up early again for another tour. This one was nearly six hours away on the other side of the island, so my jetlag came in handy as I slept pretty much the whole time.

We stopped off at one point at a gas station where I bought this container of Kea Skyr Drykkur Mango Astaraldin for 170 Icelandic krona (about $1.41 USD). I didn't realize drykkur = drink, so instead of the thick Greek yogurt-like skyr I was expecting, it was drinkable yogurt (Well, technically drinkable cheese since skyr is cheese with a yogurt-like consistency).

While the mango and passionfruit drink was very yummy, it tasted like any other yogurt drink I could get back home. Not nearly as exciting as my first experience with skyr at Kex Hostel - Reykjavik - Iceland. I did have the breakfast buffet at the hostel again earlier that morning, but had to rush so I wouldn't miss my pick up. *Sigh.* So sad for all the skyr I wanted to eat, but couldn't.

10 Icelandic Kea Skyr Drykkur Mango Astaraldin (Passionfruit) 2

Some scenes of Iceland as we drove by.

11 Iceland Scenery by Car 1

Except for the green, the huge mountains and sparse houses reminded me of driving through the Navajo Nation in Arizona.

11 Iceland Scenery by Car 2

Creepy cave.

11 Iceland Scenery by Car 3

Glaciers everywhere in the background.

11 Iceland Scenery by Car 4

Rushing stream? Or aftermath of a lava slide?

11 Iceland Scenery by Car 5


We arrived at Jokulsarlon (Glacier Lagoon).

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