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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Guess Where I'm Wandering 5?

Guess Where I'm Wandering 5

So you figured out I'm in Oslo, Norway. This is one of my favorite spots that my cousin took me to on my first visit 15 years ago.

This park features several hundred statues by one artist, who donated all his sculptures to the city. The sculptures run the gamut of human emotions and ages. I'll show you some of my favorites in more depth later.

Where am I?

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  1. Vigeland Park in OSlo!!! I have been there.... I think I spelled this right, it's from the memory bank!! I have a bunch of cousins that live in Oslo as well. I wonder if our cousins know each other! :)

  2. Alysia,
    It does?!

    Giao The Cung,

    More correct!

    I bet our cousins do know each other! The community is so small.


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