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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Blood Orange Grapefruit Juice

Can you tell I'm too lazy to write today? Remember those blood oranges I bought at the Farmers' Market in Alhambra?

Just a few small blood oranges gave my freshly squeezed grapefruit this luminous red glow. Lovely isn't it?

This juicer is one of the best purchases I've ever made.
In Southern California, a 5-lb sack of oranges and grapefruits are only $2 at the farmers' markets. The blood oranges were $1 a pound. The grapefruits were free from my aunt's garden.

Do you actually need a recipe for this? :)



  1. Oooo! I have HK appliances too. My husband keeps telling me I need to do a Hello Kitty cooking week, in which every day I make a food item using one of my appliances. I covet the juicer though, I really do.

  2. Hi Budding Cook,
    I got it on clearance at Target so I think it was around $10? It's normally $20, but every once in a while Target does a sale on Hello Kitty stuff for $15.

    Which HK appliances do you have?

    I have the HK waffle iron. :) I wanted the toaster but mine still works so I couldn't justify buying another. And my friend once bought the rice cooker.

  3. I want that Hello Kitty juicer! So cute. Was the sale recent ? Anyway, guess I would have missed it already.:(

  4. Heee! Hello Kitty juicer! :D

    That juice looks lovely!


  5. Hi Tigerfish,
    I've had the juicer for a while. But Target always has some kind of sale and lots of HK stuff so just keep haunting the aisles until it goes on sale again. :)

    So much HK love going on. :)

  6. I know this is an older post but YUM. I think if I lived in California I would eat citrus fruit everyday.

  7. Purest Green,
    I don't mind. It's still nice to receive comments, even in old posts. :)


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