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Monday, April 01, 2013

Robin's Egg Nest Easter Cupcakes

Robin's Egg Nest Easter Cupcakes 1

Robin's nest egg cupcakes for Easter. I was inspired to make these cupcakes after spying robin egg Whoppers at the store. Dyed coconut flakes green for the grass. German chocolate cupcakes since I figured the coconut in the frosting was already a present flavor. That's it!

Although, I did vary it a bit by adding Target Market Pantry brand Chickadees crackers to create love bird cupcakes.

So simple. As if you really need a recipe.

Robin's Egg Nest Easter Cupcakes 2

Robin's Egg Nest Easter Cupcakes

You'll need:
Cupcakes and frosting of whatever kind you wish. I went with boxed German chocolate cake and coconut pecan frosting.
Whopper Robin Eggs
Dyed Coconut Flakes

Optional: Target Market Pantry brand Chickadees crackers

Robin's Egg Nest Easter Cupcakes 3

One box of cake mix gave me 18 cupcakes. Coconut pecan frosting.

Robin's Egg Nest Easter Cupcakes 4

I used the mini sized robin egg Whoppers. I found it easier to put the robin eggs on the frosting first, which helped hold them in place. Placed the cupcake in a bowl and sprinkled the dyed green coconut flakes all around. That way, I could reuse the extra coconut flakes on other cupcakes.

Robin's Egg Nest Easter Cupcakes 5

Don't they look like little bird's nests?

Robin's Egg Nest Easter Cupcakes 6

The little chickadees were pretty cute too.

Robin's Egg Nest Easter Cupcakes 7


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  1. Those cupcakes are so cute! I didn't know about those bird crackers at Target! I wonder if they are still there.

    tc and her friends did something similar last month. they used that funfetti mix for cupcakes, dyed some coconut super green (they used too much food coloring) and topped it with those whopper eggs. sugar overload but they loved it.

  2. CC,
    Thanks. I think the crackers are just Target's version of goldfish, so they should still be around. It didn't look like they were seasonal. Yeah, I've seen similar cupcakes before so it's not like I invented them, but they're still cute to make.


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