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Sunday, August 08, 2010

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 1

I, like, totally, had to go to the "valley" for my friend E(L)'s awesome bridal shower. It was, like, the raddest ever! :P

Gah! She lives in the middle of nowhere. Well, nowhere when it comes to food anyway, I thought as I drove past Encino and Van Nuys and all these other cities that I only knew about through movies or as addresses for television stations before I moved to SoCal. And even after I moved to SoCal, I still have yet to go to the San Fernando Valley for any restaurants.

I've mentioned my friend E(L) before once or twice on the blog. Most of the time, OK, almost every time, we get together, she comes to me so she can get her fix of Chinese and Vietnamese food. If you want to be mentioned on the blog, we have to either try a new restaurant or it has to be a special, bloggable occasion. Ordinary dining excursions to places I've already blogged about won't get you mentioned. Ha!

Anyway, E(L) and her fiance recently bought a new house, and what a house! Take lots of pictures she said after I walked through the door.

As if she had to ask!

Her sisters and mother had flown in from the Midwest for the occasion. I was rude and snapped away instead of offering to help. Sorry E(L)'s middle sister! Not that she needed my help anyway because everything was sooo niiiice!

Goodies for the guests to take home later. The boxes of wine and wine glasses were first place prizes for the winners in the bridal shower games.

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 2

The landscapers literally left 40 minutes before guests arrived. They still need to finish planting shrubbery, but the backyard was niiice!

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 3

E(L)'s middle sister arrived with two 60-lb suitcases packed with stuff. She arranged all the floral centerpieces. There's even plastic jewels in the bottom of each vase. The tables and chairs were rented, but the rest of the decorations were all her doing.

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 4

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 5

Trying out my new Lomo Diana 55 mm lens. Does the picture look "dreamy"?

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 6

Sweets bar with cupcakes, candies, and chocolate fountain.

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 7

The white chocolate-covered red velvet cupcake balls in the bottom right-hand corner were made by E(L)'s youngest sister. Actually, they baked all the cupcakes the day before.

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 8

E(L)'s mom complained about how she was put to work until midnight putting stickers of the bride and groom's names on every single piece of packaged candy. That's way too much effort for me!

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 9

Later, when guests were scooping candy into jars and bags to take home and debating which cupcakes were their favorites, I held up a stickered chocolate and said my favorite part of the sweets bar was the tiny sticker on every single piece of candy.

"Why, that was me!" said E(L)'s mom with surprise and pleasure. ;) Ha! Do I know how to suck up to mommas or what?

Diana lens effect again. You like?

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 10

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 11

Done with the decor pics, I finally asked E(L)'s middle sister if I could help. Nope, pretty much everything was done. Instead, I get a cocktail. And what a cocktail!

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 12

Salads and sandwiches by California Pizza Kitchen. Middle sister has the hook-up for that too. Man, is there anything E(L)'s middle sister can't do?

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 13

After lunch, it was time for bridal shower games. We placed pieces of paper on our heads and drew pictures of the bride in her gown.

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 14

Haha. I think I made her look like ET! My excuse was that I had to take my hand off the paper to take pictures.

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 15

Then we had a bag of craft supplies to design her dress.

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 16

You like?

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 17

I didn't win either game, but I did win a bottle of wine for knowing the bride the longest -- 13 years.

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 18

Egads! Now, I feel old. We had a mutual friend and were all going to be in Boston for a convention so we roomed together. Fast forward and we somehow managed to stay in touch despite cross-country moves for both of us. Neither of us kept in touch with that mutual friend. Funny how that works sometimes.

After the games were over, there was a little bit of down time so I got a tour of the house.

Check out that refrigerated wine cabinet!

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 19

She walked me around upstairs too.

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 20

Presents! Umm, mine was not that very prettily-wrapped gift. I quickly covered my gift in tissue paper and shoved it into an old shopping bag. That would be the lame gift on the right. I gave her a homemade cake stand and a cooking lesson, of which I knew she'd appreciate the latter more.

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 21

Oh! E(L) kept embarrassing me, bragging to all her friends about the blog. *Blush.* I never talk about the blog to strangers! She's so proud she says and wants everyone to know it.

So here, I should tell you, E(L) is my fancy Hollywood friend. She was Lucy Liu's hand double in the first Charlie's Angels movie. Squee! Really! That scene where Lucy fixes the fast food restaurant intercom box, those are E(L)'s hands! :) And in another teen movie, that I can't remember the name of, I saw her in a classroom scene sitting behind the main character. It was quite exciting I tell you when I called her afterward to tell her I saw her in a movie. She used to party at the Playboy mansion too. Haha. All that was a looong time ago. She did a lot of amazing stuff behind the scenes for a number of years before leaving the film industry.

Anyway, after reminiscing for a bit and chatting with her family, it was time to go home.

There were lovely little boxes for guests to take home cupcakes. I got a little jar of colored rock sugar. The lavender is destined for coloring some lavender lemonade. The blue rock sugar will come in handy when I figure out a recipe for Andorian ale. :P

My Friend E(L)'s Bridal Shower 22

Goody bags included cupcake mix, a heart-shaped bottle stopper, a compact mirror, a heart-shaped mini whisk, and a red velvet cupcake ball.

Congratulations E(L)!

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  1. I like reading this kind of posts. Thanks for sharing this. I will certainly share the wedding I am going to be attend in Boston on my blog. Love reading your blog as always!

  2. Looks like you had a fun time! :) Especially with all the yummy food.

  3. I agree, it's most certainly a pretty house! Such a large wine rack. And yes, you know how to make mothers happy! I personally would be tired sticking that many stickers onto different pieces of candy.

    Haha, I rarely talk about my blog to strangers either! Although some restaurants do know my true identity LOL.

  4. This looks like totally classy!
    No, really, love it, very well done E(L) :)

  5. FC88,
    Oh good! Sometimes I feel like people just want recipe and after recipe, but that's a little hard to sustain, you know?

    Too bad there were so many guests or I would've pigged out more!

    The nicest bridal shower I've been to!

    Haha. I know! And who notices stickers on candy anyway? It's a nice touch, but so much work.

    My friends always want to talk about my blog to others and I'm usually shushing them. I feel fake and self-promotional when I do that. My friend's ex-boss's wife kept asking for my business cards, but I didn't have any.

    Like, totally, yah? Lots of good ideas for future bridal showers since we've got weddings coming up in my family again.

  6. ohmygosh. i think i'm lusting after that wine fridge!! that's amazing!!!

  7. Jen,
    You and everyone else I've shown that wine fridge photo to! :)


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