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Friday, June 26, 2009

Mister Lincoln Rose

6.26 Mister Lincoln Rose

For a traditional multi-petal red rose, I love the velvety Mister Lincoln.

Other garden updates.

1 year ago today, Lomo Saltado/Thit Bo Xao voi Khoai Tay Chien (Peruvian/Vietnamese Stir-Fry with French Fries).
2 years ago today, nem nuong cuon (Vietnamese grilled pork patty rolls) and the best dipping sauce in town at Brodard Restaurant - Garden Grove (Little Saigon).


  1. Very nice. What I love is the fragrance of Mr. Lincoln and his "brother" roses -- Chrysler Imperial and Oklahoma. Just visited a friend whose Mr. Lincoln is well over 8ft tall, spindly, and not much foliage. He was sited in a spot that doesn't get much sun...

  2. WeeMo,

    Yes! Too many of the newer roses are bred for looks and I miss the scent. That's why I love the Portland from Glendora that you gave me so much. Lovely old-fashioned scent.


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