Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Whoa! Dragon Fruit!

10.13 Whoa! Dragon Fruit! 1

After photographing my dragon fruit flower abundance in August, I forgot all about them.

On October 2, I noticed that the fruit were almost ripe.

10.13 Whoa! Dragon Fruit! 2

Finally ready for picking!

10.13 Whoa! Dragon Fruit! 3

I've never seen them clustered together in so many bunches before. Altogether, I counted 44 dragon fruit and blossoms.

10.13 Whoa! Dragon Fruit! 4

That's way more than the dragon fruit bumper crop of 2009.

10.13 Whoa! Dragon Fruit! 5

So many!

10.13 Whoa! Dragon Fruit! 6


10.13 Whoa! Dragon Fruit! 7

Other garden updates.

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  1. They are so pretty and vibrant! I envy your green thumb :(.

  2. Wow... I didn't know that they came from that plant. I have a similar plant in my garden, except I don't think it produces dragon fruit. It has very pretty flowers though.

  3. Amazing - they look so much better than the ones we get here! Do you ever make anything with them (aside from eating raw)? Do they make a good jam or are they used in salads?

  4. Phuong,
    It's not really me. My oldest uncle planted it. I just water it occasionally. :P

    Look in my garden index for night blooming cereus. Those are similar flowers, but not fruit.

    I mostly eat them raw, although I did roast a Cornish game hen ala "Like Water for Chocolate." I forgot about it and burnt it though so the pictures aren't too nice. I'll have to make it again with new photos.

    I sometimes use them in fruit salads, but that's about it.


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