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Friday, April 15, 2011

Toro Bravo - Portland - Oregon

While having our third round of cocktails at The Secret Society - Portland, Dylan's phone rang, signaling that our table at Toro Bravo was ready.

17 Toro Bravo - Portland - Oregon 1

Tapas in Portland! OK, I know I've been away too long, or just left good old PDX way too young because the thought of a yummy tapas bar in Portland was just too exciting.

The restaurant was packed and we were seated at the bar so you'll have to excuse the sometimes fuzzy photos taken with my point-and-shoot since trying to take the big camera in and out was too much work.

Dylan ordered a glass of sangria, $6. After two wine tastings and three cocktail bars, Gourmet Pigs and I were done with alcohol for the day and stuck with water.

17 Toro Bravo - Portland - Oregon 2

If only I wasn't driving, because the Basque Kiss, Monopolowa vodka, txakolina apricot liqueur, peach bitters, and lemon, $9, sounded pretty tempting.

Since Gourmet Pigs and I were almost full from our happy hour appetizers at Clyde Common, we each picked a dish and Dylan ordered the rest.

I wanted to try the Tortilla Espanola with nettles, $7, on account of my recent experimentation with Nettle Soup. So basically, it was a Tortilla de Patatas (Spanish Potato Omelet) with nettles. Very pretty. As I was telling Dylan about why I wanted to try this dish, the man sitting next to us expressed interest since he remembered a brush with their itchy spikes when he was a kid. So, of course, we shared some of the omelet with him.

17 Toro Bravo - Portland - Oregon 3

I probably would have bypassed the Radicchio Salad with Green Olive Toast and a Manchego Vinaigrette, $8, in favor of something more adventurous, but Dylan ordered it and this ended up being one of my favorite dishes that night. Slightly bitter and salty, it was such a simple salad, but packed with flavor.

17 Toro Bravo - Portland - Oregon 4

Salt cod fritters with aioli, $4/$8.

17 Toro Bravo - Portland - Oregon 5

Fresh Spanish anchovies fried with fennel and lemon, $8. I don't even remember tasting the anchovies that night, but I loved the lightly battered and fried fennel.

17 Toro Bravo - Portland - Oregon 6

Chicken and clams Cataplana with tomato and jamon, $15. I love clams. I love all bivalves so this was a winner with me.

17 Toro Bravo - Portland - Oregon 7

Oxtail Croquettes with chili mayonnaise, $14.

17 Toro Bravo - Portland - Oregon 8

Squid ink pasta with hazelnuts, anchovy syrup, and egg yolk, $12.

17 Toro Bravo - Portland - Oregon 9

Sooo sooo full. Everything was yummy so I'll spare you the lack of description.

Pretty daffodils on the windowsill in the women's bathroom.

17 Toro Bravo - Portland - Oregon 10


17 Toro Bravo - Portland - Oregon 11

That's the bar area where we sat to the left, the open kitchen to the back, and the tightly-packed dining area. No wonder there's usually an hour's wait. Well, that, and the food was pretty good too.

17 Toro Bravo - Portland - Oregon 12

Cute little salt cellar.

17 Toro Bravo - Portland - Oregon 13

Despite being stuffed, Dylan insisted on ending the dinner with churros and chocolate, $7, and on paying for our dinner. Thanks again so much!

17 Toro Bravo - Portland - Oregon 14

But, it still wasn't the end of our evening. One more pit stop to go, and no, it finally doesn't involve alcohol.

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Toro Bravo
120 NE Russell St.
Portland, OR 97209
Sunday to Thursday 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Friday and Saturday 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

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