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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sangria with Red Wine

Sangria 1

Where did summer go?

I feel like I need to crank out all my summer seasonal postings before the weather turns cold.

I rarely drink alcohol, but one day in late July I was positively fiending for sangria. I have no idea why. I just had to have some cold, sweet, rich red wine and munch on some wine-soaked fruit. The hot weather forced it on me. It was too hot to cook. Too hot to do much of anything but drink cold, flavorful fruity wine.

So that's what I did.

I still didn't want to cook though, but I needed something to soak up the alcohol. I knew the oldest '87 had made spaghetti, so I bribed her with sangria if she'd bring over a bowl for me and lil' sis. I also asked her to bring over a couple of cans of 7-Up because all I had was the cheap red wine.

I am so clever. ;)

Sangria 2

I raided my fridge and found a big Fuji apple, a lime, and some oranges from the batch of citrus I got from Susan of Open Mouth, Insert Fork. You can use any fruit you wish really. I also like adding peaches or nectarines, grapes, and pears. Dumped in a $1.99 bottle of Charles Shaw syrah ie. two-buck Chuck, the two cans of 7-Up, some sugar, loads of ice cubes and I was done. While you could certainly use nicer wines, I haven't felt the need to do so.

What can I say? It's the poor (wo)man's sangria, but it sure hit the spot. I've come across versions that have brandy or Coke. I have yet to try those additions but I think they'd give the wine a deeper dimension.

Anyway, so here's my quick and easy version which results in a sangria that's more like juice than anything else.

Sangria 3

Sangria with Red Wine

For one pitcher, you'll need:

1 bottle of red wine of your choice
2 12-oz cans of 7-Up, or any other clear carbonated soft drink
As much sugar as you'd like
Diced and sliced fruit such as apples, pears, oranges, lemons, peaches, grapes, etc.
Ice cubes

If you're impatient like I was, dice and slice the fruit of your choice and add them to an empty pitcher. Add in the wine and two cans of 7-Up. Then add sugar to taste. Add the ice cubes and enjoy.

For better flavor though, I suggest adding the bottle of wine to the fruit and about 3 tblsp of sugar. Let it sit in the fridge for several hours. This allows the fruit to really sweeten and soak in the flavors of the wine, and for the wine to mellow and chill. Before serving, add the 7-Up and ice cubes.


Who else made sangria?
Susan of Open Mouth, Insert Fork makes a simple syrup and adds brandy.

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  1. Definitely a nice summery drink, and totally OK to use cheap wines since the other ingredients' are adding flavor to it too (of course, best to choose a wine that you'll still drink on its own).

    My recipe (for another backlogged entry ... blargh) uses brandy-soaked (occasionally rum) fruits as well.

  2. HC,
    I hear ya about back-logged entries. Whooheee. I can just tell brandy-soaked fruit would make a mean sangria.

  3. perfect perfect perfect !!!!!
    MarĂ­a from Spain


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